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These discussions allow us to review the original intent of the Constitution as written by the Founders' in the Contemporary World. View Discussions

DNC Hack Wasn’t A Hack

Started by Dr. Robert Owens Feb 23, 2018.

The Great Disconnect

Started by Dr. Robert Owens Aug 25, 2016.

Access: Congress

Find the Fax number of your Congressional office and contact information to make your voice heard View Discussions

The Economic Collapse of America

The 2008 Economic Collapse of America created by the Housing Market Collapse & concurrent Banking Collapse View Discussions

General Discussion

Existing discussions that have not been assigned a category. View Discussions

All We Need To Know

Started by Dr. Robert Owens May 16, 2019.

Random Thoughts V

Started by Dr. Robert Owens Mar 15, 2019.

A New You for a New Year

Started by Dr. Robert Owens Jan 6, 2019.


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