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UK's Lesson: Raising Taxes on Wealthy Yields Less Revenue

Click here to view this email as a web page Insider Report from Headlines (Scroll down for complete stories): 1.…

Started by David WallaceLatest Reply

Response to those who didn't understand Ron Paul's comments.

I don't agree with every element of Ron Paul's candidacy, however, I Think he was talking about choice of participation in the Social Secur…

Started by David WallaceLatest Reply

History of Man, Origins, A New Genomic Study Reveals what many had already Speculated!

Historyy Humans and Neanderthals Mated, Making You Part Caveman By Clara Moskowitz, LiveScience Senior Writer posted: 06 May 2010 02:02 pm…

Started by David WallaceLatest Reply

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Show Me Then I’ll Believe

I’m in the process of re-writing my autobiography.  I initially wrote it back in the early nineties.  Until now it never seemed like the ri…

Started by Dr. Robert Owens

0 May 23, 2019

All We Need To Know

The Bible tells us Adam sold us down the river of sin.  His first sin, disobedience was followed by death; spiritual death or separation fr…

Started by Dr. Robert Owens

0 May 16, 2019

Random Thoughts V

If Planned Parenthood was selling puppy body parts they would be shut down yesterday. The thirties and forties are a blur with work and fam…

Started by Dr. Robert Owens

0 Mar 15, 2019

A New You for a New Year

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?  Have you reached the end of your rope only to find out that it’s much shorter than you ima…

Started by Dr. Robert Owens

0 Jan 6, 2019

I Got Faith You Got Faith All God’s Children Got Faith

Pastor John Osteen the father of Mega Church Joel used to lead his congregation in this confession, “This is my Bible. I am what it says I…

Started by Dr. Robert Owens

0 Dec 13, 2018

Third Temple Revealed

Do you think we’re living in the End Times?  If you spend much time with Evangelical Christians you’re bound to be asked this question.  Pe…

Started by Dr. Robert Owens

0 Dec 7, 2018

It Takes Faith to Be an Atheist

I once had enough faith in myself to believe there was no God.  I had enough of that self-centered faith to believe the entire universe spr…

Started by Dr. Robert Owens

0 Jul 20, 2018

Why is More Important Than How

Does the immensity of creation ever overwhelm you?  Does the fact that when you lay your hand on the cold hard surface of a table there is…

Started by Dr. Robert Owens

0 Jun 29, 2018

If God is So Good Why is There Evil?

This question has confounded philosophers for ages and led countless millions to blame God for all the evil in the world.  We must have fai…

Started by Dr. Robert Owens

0 Jun 23, 2018

A Childless Father Who Has a Son

I am blessed. My wife gave me a son. He was hers before he was mine. Then he became ours. In my heart he is always mine and I feel as if I…

Started by Dr. Robert Owens

0 Jun 15, 2018


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