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Trump Earthquake Causes Democrat Tsunami

It is not often that we get to witness a true phenomenon.    The Reagan Revolution was exciting but it was not a phenomenon.  It was a care…

Started by Dr. Robert Owens

0 May 19, 2016

Stand and Deliver - Paul’s Message to Peter

What we learn before we turn eighteen becomes the common sense of our later life.  Just as the vast majority of people after careful consid…

Started by Dr. Robert Owens

0 Apr 30, 2016

How Strange Can It Get?

Some people believe in the Six Degrees of Separation Theory: the idea that everyone in the world is separated from everyone else by six lin…

Started by Dr. Robert Owens

0 Apr 16, 2016

Why Do They Lie to Us Over and Over?

Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to…

Started by Dr. Robert Owens

0 Jan 22, 2016

Judicial Watch Findings

JW Press Release Notice Breaking News: I am Attending Judicial Watch Conference: Tom Fitton Announced today There is the Discovery of a ga…

Started by David Wallace

0 Sep 14, 2015

Why Do They Lie to Us?

When faced with the highest levels of unemployment in American History why does the government trumpet a falling unemployment rate?  In the…

Started by Dr. Robert Owens

0 May 11, 2014

Are Democrats Smarter Than Republicans?

The Headlines say it all “Boehner offers debt-ceiling increase in cliff compromise” or “Boehner Reported to Offer Millionaire Tax Rate Incr…

Started by Dr. Robert Owens

0 Dec 23, 2012

An evaluation of the Housing Crisis Peter Coy in Business Week, 2008

Bill Clinton's drive to increase homeownership went way too far Please Review this Article, which is widely ridiculed by the left, as it ac…

Started by David Wallace

0 Nov 27, 2012

America Lost in a Bubble

All bubbles burst.  This is a law of nature.  No matter from what material the bubble arises.  No matter what forces propel its expansion. …

Started by Dr. Robert Owens

0 May 10, 2012

Executive Orders

The problem with social engineering is that the engineers don’t know how to drive the train.  More like a complicated machine than a single…

Started by Dr. Robert Owens

0 Dec 17, 2011




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