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Today is a day not too dissimilar to the days which follow Christmas. All the efforts in preparation of this day have been expended seemingly with one great surge of adrenalin. The talking heads are making their rounds in every venue to marginalize the 9/12 event, here again, in a manner not too dissimilar to the Christ deniers and other out spoken atheists who refuse to give any sacred observance a break.
On our return to the Hilton, my brain latched onto a well coined phrase; E Pluribus Unum. I was one of many in a day well spent. I feared, however, that if our demonstrated effort would in any way subside we would lose this day and ultimately our American Culture.
The March on Washington was fantastic. The number of people was unbelievable - at least a million people. This was the beginning of America stopping this runaway train called Government. While the media has done all it can to marginalize the people who stood up for America, we know why we must continue to stand up for this country. The recent developments involving Acorn and the ridiculous statements by Jimmy Carter should serve as reminders to all that we must continue to stand up. Jimmy Carter was the worst president in the history of this country. How dare this peanut farmer from Georgia project his views of black people on the rest of Americans. An honest look at the plight of blacks in the inner city, begs to know "just what side of race are the Democrats on?" Black people have progressed at a slower rate than any other ethnic group in America. The high rate of teen pregnancy, crime, aids, abortion, single parent is the legacy of the Democratic Party on the Black community. We will continue to stand up for America.




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