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That government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish!

Do we even know what it is we are trying to Bail Out. A credit system? A monetary system? is it a system?

Has any one in the media defined what our currency system is predicated on?
Has anyone in the media defined how our system of credit works? It would seem simple.

Has anyone followed the money trail?

There is a great resource at your disposal if your reading this...the Internet search engines...use them before they too are censored and purged of the true forces behind our present economical melt down?

Market manipulation has gone on for years and with one purpose to enrich the bottom line of the few.
Take a search on the net wealth of our congressional leaders. After words ask yourself this question, Do your representatives have the same stake in the results of their decisions as you do?

Its time to stop watching the 24hrs new and become active in the pursuit of true information that will protect you , your family, your families rights and wealth, and your future of having a free America.

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What makes America different than any other nation is our aberrance to rule by a family (for a long period of time, not just for twenty of thirty years). But what has hurt us is our reliance on 'making useless laws' like no big TVs in CA (do ya think Sacramento has too much time on their hands?) and by those that learned to practice it (I'm sorry, manipulate) the law, not people who study and conduct medicine and business.

So instead of a populace with respect for our country and its economic principles, we have a society that's concerned with 'global warming,' saving polar bears, smelt in the CA, and penalizing Sheriff Joe in AZ for upholding immigration laws.

It all boils down to honoring lawyers to the detriment of the doctors and businessmen that keep us physically and financially well.

And how does the president fit into this equation, by Chicago standards, he's a pretty good lawyer.





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