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January 2010 Blog Posts (24)

Space, The Lost Frontier

My new post at Freedom Correspondent discusses the cancellation of the Constellation program by President Obama, effectively withdrawing the US from independent capabilities for space exploration by Americans. The President disappoints me regularly, but this one is a big one we should not ignore. Check out "Space, The Lost Frontier."

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Stop spending other people's money

Citizens are tired, fed-up, and disgusted with excessive state and federal government spending resulting in massive deficits, and the long arm of the government reaching into their pockets to confiscate more money. While the saying goes “the government can’t run anything well”, there is one area where government excels; spending other people’s money. Equating state and federal government spending to that of a drunken sailor would be an insult to drunken sailors. Enough is enough, stop spending… Continue

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Marylanders for Fair Property Taxation by Roy Whitely

Marylanders for Fair Property Taxation

516 Walters Mill Road Forest Hill, Maryland 21050-1428 (410) 879-7993


January 14, 2010

Last evening we were privileged to speak before an estimated 3000 cold, but determined, enthusiastic, patriots assembled in Lawyers Square in front of the State Capitol to join in voicing the concerns of a… Continue

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

The election results in Massachusetts may come as a surprise, or even a shock, to some. It was not a shock to me. The American people have been frustrated with the lack of responsiveness from our elected officials for quite some time. Voting on health care when the majority of Americans are opposed to it, bailing out banks, insurance companies, and the auto industry when the majority of Americans were opposed to it, and stealing money from one state to buy the… Continue

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Media Matters Debunks Simpson!

This has to be about the funniest, most pathetic thing I have ever seen. Media Doesn't Matter for America (i.e. the Soros-funded Media Matters for America) made a ridiculous attempt to cast dispersions on my article about voter registration that went viral a few weeks back. Just found out about it yesterday. My response follows:

This is how it's done, folks.

Added by Jim Simpson on January 21, 2010 at 4:43pm — No Comments

Health Care Will Not Die Here

Don't for a minute think that Brown's victory yesterday will stop these liberals in their tracks...

We must keep in mind that improving health care is NOT the end goal for them, but it is a means to an end. Their goal is to use health care as tool to gain control over a major portion of the economy and push this nation farther toward socialism (if we are lucky, and beyond socialism if we aren't so lucky). It is about power over YOU.

Yesterday's election is only a… Continue

Added by Kathy on January 20, 2010 at 3:04pm — No Comments

Game Changer! Everything is in play now as long as we maintain the momentum

This is critical. Scott Brown gave us a huge morale boost, and a real poke in the eye for Congressional Democrats and Obama. Even Barney Franks has said they better not play games and wait 'till Brown is seated to move forward on their sick-care bill. With all headlines repeating the "go slow" mantra, you can be sure Dems got the message they will have to reign in a bit. Thank God!

But Republicans could really screw this up as they have so many times before.…


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Clinton, Bush say saving lives is top goal in Haiti

Getting aid to Haiti right away to save lives is the first goal of the fund-raising initiative headed by George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, the two former U.S. presidents say.

In a pre-recorded interview broadcast Sunday on CNN's "State of the Union," Bush and Clinton said the new fund created by President Barack Obama also seeks to ensure that money keeps coming in after the… Continue

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Interview on Universal Voter Registration

Simpson interview on UVR - short but important if you haven't read the article.

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Google Embraces Partners to Straddle Desktop-Cloud Divide

Google has unveiled plans today to allow Google Docs to store any type of files, and revealed a new tool from Memeo to enable users to access, migrate, and synchronize files between their desktop and Google Docs. These announcements signify a broader strategy by Google to help business customers bridge the gap between the desktop and the cloud.

Google has been… Continue

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Google Reacts To Nexus One Complaints

With complaints about its online-only support for the new Nexus One smartphone piling up, Google said it is moving as quickly as possible to address customer dissatisfaction.

The company's support forum is loaded with complaints about spotty 3G coverage from carrier partner T-Mobile, a lack of information on delivery status after a phone is purchased and getting the run around when… Continue

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Fiorina Lends Campaign $2.5 Million

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina loaned $2.5 million of her own money to her campaign for the U.S. Senate, an indication she's willing to invest significant personal resources to unseat Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer.

Fiorina also raised nearly $1.1 million in donations during her first two months in the race. After expenses, that gives her about… Continue

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In Defense of Harry Reid

My new post at Freedom Correspondent actually defends Harry Reid, at least somewhat! Really, I have not lost my mind! Check it out!

Added by Thomas Trezise on January 11, 2010 at 8:21pm — No Comments

We have members from all over the Country. Today, we will find out about Ravensdale, Washington

We want to thank our Members from all over the country. We have a new member from Ravensdale, WA. We have an amazing country with great history. Here is a history that I think you will enjoy!

Ravensdale was originally called Leary, after the name of Leary Coal Company in turned named for John Leary, a Seattle coal speculator. The later name came from the flocks of ravens that fed on grain spilled from the boxcars on the Northern Pacific Railroad tracks that ran through the town.… Continue

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Act for America Notification

The local chapter of is holding a documentary presentation called 33 Minutes, concerning the time for a nuclear attack and the ramifications of an EMP Attack. I think you will find it worth your time and consideration. It is at 7 PM on January 27 and is held in the back room of Hightopp's Backstage Grill at 2306 York Road in Timonium. Call or e-mail Brandt Eppler, the local branch leader of Act for America and sponsor at… Continue

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Do Free Elections Result in Freedom

Civilized society is premised upon the individual right of citizens to choose their representatives at all levels of government. The contract between the people and their elected representatives is; those elected to office will represent the needs of their constituents, secure their unalienable rights to life, liberty, and property, and constrain themselves by working within the legitimate framework of the federal or state Constitution. It begs the question do free elections equate to… Continue

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Well he said a lot of things during the Campaign!

Well he said a Lot of things during the Campaign!This says it all!including promises he can not keep!

Added by David Wallace on January 10, 2010 at 2:45am — No Comments

Delegate Dwyer Raises Constitutional Challenge to Mayor's Pension

Thank you, Delegate Dwyer, for standing up for the Maryland Constitution and bringing this issue into the public discourse!

Yes, we do have a Constitution in this state, and apparently in state government only Del Dywer has bothered to read it. Is this just another of those pesky documents that our legislators don't choose to read?

Please call Del Dwyer and encourage him in his pursuit of Constitutional government.

You can, and should, read the Md Constitution… Continue

Added by Kathy on January 10, 2010 at 2:17am — No Comments

Why do we give Enemy Combatants the rights of We the People of the United States of America? So we can jeopardize the Lives of Americans?

On the Heals of the Attempt at blowing out of the air a NorthWest Airline landing in Detroit, this administration decided in it's knee jerk reaction to act in an even handed manner, a foreigner has been given the rights of American civil protections. In the mean time, this action has created a major threat to the US citizens. Just after the Terrorist bomber stated that there were more Bombers like himself, his attorney arrived and he then clammed up. When we are dealing with threats in real… Continue

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