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Won't Vote for the Lesser of Two Evils?

 By Rev. Mark H. Creech , Christian Post Guest Columnist

November 2, 2012|8:49 am


As we rapidly approach Election Day, I've heard a number of my friends say that they just can't vote for the lesser of two evils. They will neither support Obama or Romney for president; instead they'll support a third party candidate or they won't…


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Media calls Obama unfit to lead, Romney right on Benghazi bungle

With the Elections 2012, on Tuesday…


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Neutron detonator, warhead design for missile nearly completed

Published: 13 hours ago

by REZA KAHLILIEmail Archive



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The Democrats “Cap in Trade”, “Cooling Out” the Voters,,,,,

 (Oh Folks,,, this is a good one, I love the way Dr. Sowell thinks)


'Cooling Out' the Voters


Oct 30, 2012


Confidence men know that their…


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We are seeing great strides in the movement to Conservatism. It is an arduous path, but must be pursued. This is a long Journey. But it is with every step. We are not winning in spite of President Obama, but specifically because of The President!

Here is HILC.. Read this closely..

After much deliberation, I have decided to vote for Mitt Romney. My reasoning is based upon both economics and moral principles. I am thankful for… Continue

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Transforming Jacksonville Voters One at a time.

Last week I had a counselor come in & she only had $3.00 & decided on our campaign buttons, which were going fast.  She wanted some other items so said she would go to the bank & come back, & held a t-shirt which we picked out  together for her. 


She came back about an hour later & brought us a large donation check instead & got her t-shirt she wanted, yellow & got her bumpersticker & the side door magnets. I told everyone there & we all…


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One More Undecided voter for Romney

Went to the gym & also went in the pool & it took me 10 minutes to try to get into the water & managed to swim laps for 15 minutes. Talked to a few neighbors about early voting, on my way home.

I talked to a neighbor who was undecided & is now voting for Romney. I was wearing my Romney t-shirt& I just happened to have a brochure in my purse & gave it to her, she's going to go early vote now.


We voted Early voted Saturday & I was #113. 

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Earlly voting in Florida

Yesterday at the Mandarin Victory Center, I wore my Romney Rhinestone top & worked the distribution table. I ask people to early vote & recruit people to go door to door & make phone calls. Many people early voted, or came in to find out where to go vote. Some had not registered yet, some had absentee ballot & were going to take theirs & their parent’s absentee ballot in. You can only take in YOUR ABSENTEE BALLOT, not anyone else’s. If you do, it will cancel out their…


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A tribute to boys who were Men!

Can we ever imagine the limits of Man's physical and psychological limits! Can we even imagine the ability to be the best in the world, yet still be in high school.

As featured in the May 2001 issue of Running Times Magazine

Nobody told them they couldn’t run so fast. A four-minute mile had been unthinkable just 20 years earlier, and now teenagers were trying to turn the trick? No, Jim Ryun, Tim Danielson and Marty Liquori had no idea that—as mere high school students—they… Continue

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In first forum, U.S. Senate candidates tackle state ballot questions


October 24, 2012 at 11:06 pm

At WOLB debate, from left: Dan Bongino, Ben Cardin, Larry Young, Dean Ahmad and Rob Sobhani

By Sam Smith


In their very first forum of the U.S. Senate campaign, the four candidates offered varying views on three of the state’s most controversial ballot questions…


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The Donald Trump Challenge for Obama,, Will He Accept?



The Donald: 'I have a deal for the president'

Published: 2 hours ago

by BOB UNRUHEmail Archive

Bob Unruh joined WND in 2006 after nearly three decades with the Associated Press, as well as several Upper Midwest newspapers, where he covered everything from…


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Congressman's son advises forging ID, relying on party lawyers

Published: 2 hours ago


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The Democrats are really stretching here.

Smut, smut, smut,,,  Dems deal in Smut…..


Why should it surprise anyone that Romney “Stood” by his partner and associate. 


To me that is commendable, and not something to be picked on. 


The Democrats are really stretching here



Obama has ruined our Country and the Dems want to change the subject just before the election.  This is the Chicago Way, and the way that Obama has won his…


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Why is Benghazi Important?

Benghazi is proof of Obama’s lack of character, dishonesty, and his lack of leadership, and is proof of this more than any “Debate” could be.

Obama caught in a LIE yet again,,,  (if anyone actually cares about keeping him honest).

It is truly discouraging watching this man lie time after time and be caught in those lies, while the Media, “Moderators” and other folks…


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Md. Democratic leaders cry foul as watchdog group trains 200 poll watchers



Remember the 2008 Election and the incidents around the Country where the “New Black Panther Party” was accused of Voter intimidation, AND EXCUSED?

(Nothing was ever done to these men, after their initial arrest.)


The Democrat Party, Obama and Eric Holder chose not to do anything at all about that…


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President Declares War On Seniors!

President Declares War On Seniors With ObamaCare Ploys And Medicare Plans

By Dr. Mark G. Neerhof

October 22, 2012

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President Obama has been attacking Republicans on Medicare, claiming that they will end Medicare as we know it.  Yet, the President’s health care…


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Oh the Irony of this 3rd Debate!


We have had 4 years of a President that had NO qualifications what so ever in Foreign Policy, (or anything else for that matter),  looking down his nose at a man who is much more qualified to run the USA, (from the onset) than he was 4 years ago. 


The Intel to get “bin Laden” was in the works long before Obama became president, yet as the sitting president he takes credit for it.  Romney has a lot to learn as do all “Candidates” when they first become…


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Small Business Owners staying in business

If you were hiring a CEO for your company, who would you hire, Mitt or Barry? Mitt - balanced budget, Barry will not balance a budget, so none, Mitt hires more women & pays them more, Barry has class warfare for women & threw his own Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, under the bus. 

This is one woman who would be happy to send Mitt her resume & put it on the top of the pile, as I have been working as a volunteer for him for months & know he can get our country…


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Complete Fact Check of the 3rd Presidential debate

Complete Fact Check of the Third Presidential debate:

Here is the complete fact check for the last Presidential debate.

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Obama Admin On Schedule To Fund Terrorist Nations

Will this Issue come up tonight at the Debate,,  I seriously doubt it,, the moderator and the Media will Shield Obama from this sort of questioning!




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