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April 2011 Blog Posts (32)

Rand Paul Questions Trump's GOP Credentials and Romney's Ideology

 By Matt Viser, Globe Staff

CONCORD, N.H. -- The contrast could not have been clearer. Where Donald Trump flew into this first-in-the-nation primary state yesterday on his personal helicopter, Senator Rand Paul flew in on Southwest – and had coffee spilled on him, to…


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We have an invitation to attend from The Harbour League. Please consider coming as the desert reception is free.

Subject: Important Message from THL President, Eli Gold

Dear Eli,

In light of the generosity of a Harbour League member, there will be no charge for the dessert reception and formal remarks by Governor Mitch Daniels.

To register, please visit

I hope to see you there.




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If you don't have a passport yet, get it NOW!


Well here we go....the State Dept is going to make it impossible for us 'documented' citizens to leave this country.....I wish they were as concerned about the "undocumented" folks coming in!


This is absurd!  They say this is an easier form and will only take 45 minutes to complete. I challenge each of you to read the next paragraph to see if you can answer just THESE questions in 45 minutes!

The proposed new  …


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Franklin Graham: Trump May Be My Candidate

Franklin Graham: Trump May Be My Candidate…


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The Media is Mum on HIGH GAS PRICES

The highest gas prices in U.S. history which affects every facet of our economy...and the media is mum.


IT IS OBAMA'S FAULT...he refuses to drill in the Gulf and ANWR

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Donald Trump

Donald Trump Has A Lot to Learn About China

Posted April 21st, 2011 at 4:00pm in American Leadership,…


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Energy Frustrations!

Energy Frustrations!

Idiocy is when we have the Natural Resources in our

Country to make it “Self Sufficient and don’t use them!

Idiocy is when we refuse to use our energy sources

because we want to “Go Green”!   Bio

Fuels are great, but very costly, and greatly reduce the Worlds Fuel

Supply.  (Growing Fuel, instead of Food)

Idiocy is when we could put Americans to work on

our “Oil Fields” but…


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Requests for Political Funding!

I keep getting these sort of requests from at least 100 different sources. It is frustrating because I don’t have the money to give to one and all.   I do try and sign their petitions at least.  My point is that Michele has a very good point, (actually they all do), and we need to look past the Money and see the urgency and the concern that is driving this huge request

for monetary funding by the Right.   The urgency and concern is that we need to put a Conservative President…


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A MUST SEE FOR CONSERVATIVES (actually everyone): The classic ATLAS SHRUGGED (novel by Ayn Rand) OPENS TODAY APRIL 15 in limited release at 300 theaters, to expand to 1000 in two weeks. Note: This is part one of a planned three part series aimed at covering the entire story in great detail. The is an independent film made outside of Hollywood & one…


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Syrian soldiers shot for refusing to fire on protesters

Bajar Assad is a monster and in line with Iran. Not a word from Obama...not a word.

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Romneycare a big bust

Romneycare a big bust  | 4/12/11 | Michael Graham

As governor,…


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Rick Santorum wins big straw poll in SC...31% and Romney with 6%

The hard work of campaigning has paid off for Rick Santorum.


Mitt Romney fares very poorly in conservative states and people do not like that he pimped Romneycare, the precursor of Obamacare.


Donald Trump will eat his lunch, too.

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Rush Blasts Budget Deal, GOP



Talk radio pundit Rush Limbaugh blasts the federal budget agreement reached on Friday, saying that if spending cuts total only $38 billion there is going to be “hell to pay” with tea party activists who want much deeper cuts.

He also criticizes the GOP for compromising with Democrats, and says if they continue to “cave” it will be a “disaster” for conservatives in promulgating their agenda.

On his Monday show, Limbaugh began his discussion of the…


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Paul Ryan on Meet the Press

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A Broken “Pledge to America” – WE Must Determine Our Fate in 2012

Call your “Representatives” and demand that they explain why they are continuing to cause America to falter.


Over the desire of the public and the true congressional fiscal conservative minority, which includes freshly installed “Tea Party” members the entrenched Republican establishment “compromising” with their Socialist/Marxist peers have broken their pledge by failing to cut $100 billion from the belated fiscal 2011 budget, settling instead for an insulting grain of sand…


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Debt Jumped $54.1 Billion in 8 Days Preceding Boehner-Obama Deal to Cut $38.5 Billion for Rest of Year

Debt Jumped $54.1 Billion in 8 Days Preceding Boehner-Obama Deal to Cut $38.5 Billion for Rest of Year

Saturday, April 09, 2011



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