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May 2012 Blog Posts (2)

Report on Rep. John Sarbanes Speech Yesterday to the NARFE Federations Convention.

Confession,,,  I am a retired Federal Worker, I also happen to be Retired Military.  Between the two I have put in over 40 years of Service to My Country.  The Annuities I get from the Government were well and hard earned, I and many other Federal Workers / Retirees feel that we deserve all that we get from our Government, benefits and annuities.  

Obama wants people to become what he was,  (a rabble rouser).  Those of us who worked for the American Public, be it in our…


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Obama and Clinton,,, What a Joke!

I am getting older, slower, but thankfully not “Dumber” and lacking a memory.  Doesn’t everyone think it is strange to hear Barack Hussein Obama “Brag” about the Military of the USA, “Special Forces”  (SEALS), taking out Osama bin Laden, with the narrator Bill Clinton,  patting  Obama,  “Symbolically”, on the back? 


Remember,,,  Bill Clinton as President was way too busy to give U.S. Intelligence the “Go Ahead” to take out Osama bin Laden” when he had the opportunity,…


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