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August 2011 Blog Posts (5)

My, My, My,,,, Look what Obama / Clinton Have Done!

My, My, My,,,, Look what Obama, (with Hillary Clinton at his side),  have done!  Fully supported and “Let Loose” the Muslim Brotherhood, (you know, the Religion of Peace).  

(have you heard about this on U.S. News?  Is it possible that it is being “Under-reported”?  Possibly for fear of pointing the finger where it belongs,,,  at Obama?  Where is Chris Mathews, Katie Curic, ABC?  How about this morning’s “Talk Shows”)



Nations Race to Defuse…


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Watch the 6 part series detailing the Obama Administration's Fast & Furious Corruption Scandal

Watch the 6 part series detailing the Obama Administration's Fast & Furious Corruption Scandal posted on RAM's companion site ; illegally putting thousands of American firearms into the hands of the deadly Mexican drug cartels, falsely blaming law abiding American citizens, resulting in numerous tragedies and fatalities including American. View each segment of the…


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Ann Arundel County Invitation

What are your thoughts on the debate last night? Who are your favorites going into the GOP primary pre season? What do you think about the upcoming Special session in Annapolis?  Discuss these and other GOP topics at the Tri Club Picnic on the 27th.



                         Attend the Annual Republican ‘Tri-Club Picnic’ !!…


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Now is the Time,,


  NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL GOOD MEN ,TO COME TO THE AID OF THIER COUNTRY. I cant begin to tell you how many times i typed that in my High School Typing Class, It's never be more true than today, Quoting Calvine Cooledge, " We do not have the Right to say we dont care,, WE must Care"  Even though most of Congress is on vacation, keep those calls and emails going into thier offices,, Let them know on a constant basis that you are dissatisfied,

  Also, do the things to protect…


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Will the MOB, (as in Roman Mob) rule the USA?

As Budget Woes force a decrease in “Entitlement”  Programs, the MOB is attempting to enforce their “Right” to “Free Money”,  by violence!





......Three Nottingham Police Stations Attacked By…


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