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December 2010 Blog Posts (6)

What do YOU think? Senator wants in-state tuition for illegal immigrants



An incoming state senator said Tuesday that he plans to introduce legislation to give in-state college tuition to illegal immigrants who have attended state high schools.…


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Senate Passed Comprehensive Food Safety Bill

The Senate passed a comprehensive food safety bill by voice vote Sunday night, sending it back to the House to clear for the president’s signature

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FCC Votes to Approve Internet Access Regulations

The Federal Communications Commission voted to approve its first ever Internet access regulation, which will ensure unimpeded access to any legal Web content for home Internet users

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Recent Congressional Votes-December 23, 2010


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Hold on to your Wallets! The UN Conference on Climate Change is making Progress!

Pair-O-DEE, not Apogee, and of course not Perigee

Guess what they have in store for We Americans?

Progress for you and me specifically means that we are seeing them develop a Climate Change Fund! and who will pay for it, you and me!

Some of the island nations are having a difficult time securing their interests, this is due to the concern of flooding of the vast coastal areas, but is probably due to the leaks to these third world countries regarding the…


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Duties of Citizenship

Quoteing from a radio address from the White House on Nov.3rd 1924, Calvin Cooidge open his address with this Line. " The people of our country are sovereign, They have No right to say they do not care, They must care."

We have become lazy and unenvolved. To Protect all that we hold dear, its essential that we become involved and educated in our form of Government. Staying abreast of the issues that come before Congress and informing our representatives…


Added by Lee Norris on December 2, 2010 at 8:15pm — 2 Comments

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