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Transforming Jacksonville Voters One at a time.

Last week I had a counselor come in & she only had $3.00 & decided on our campaign buttons, which were going fast.  She wanted some other items so said she would go to the bank & come back, & held a t-shirt which we picked out  together for her. 


She came back about an hour later & brought us a large donation check instead & got her t-shirt she wanted, yellow & got her bumpersticker & the side door magnets. I told everyone there & we all…


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One More Undecided voter for Romney

Went to the gym & also went in the pool & it took me 10 minutes to try to get into the water & managed to swim laps for 15 minutes. Talked to a few neighbors about early voting, on my way home.

I talked to a neighbor who was undecided & is now voting for Romney. I was wearing my Romney t-shirt& I just happened to have a brochure in my purse & gave it to her, she's going to go early vote now.


We voted Early voted Saturday & I was #113. 

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Earlly voting in Florida

Yesterday at the Mandarin Victory Center, I wore my Romney Rhinestone top & worked the distribution table. I ask people to early vote & recruit people to go door to door & make phone calls. Many people early voted, or came in to find out where to go vote. Some had not registered yet, some had absentee ballot & were going to take theirs & their parent’s absentee ballot in. You can only take in YOUR ABSENTEE BALLOT, not anyone else’s. If you do, it will cancel out their…


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Small Business Owners staying in business

If you were hiring a CEO for your company, who would you hire, Mitt or Barry? Mitt - balanced budget, Barry will not balance a budget, so none, Mitt hires more women & pays them more, Barry has class warfare for women & threw his own Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, under the bus. 

This is one woman who would be happy to send Mitt her resume & put it on the top of the pile, as I have been working as a volunteer for him for months & know he can get our country…


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Complete Fact Check of the 3rd Presidential debate

Complete Fact Check of the Third Presidential debate:

Here is the complete fact check for the last Presidential debate.

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Making Sure Your Vote Actually Counts in This Important Election

2008 election, absentee ballots were thrown away. Thousands of ballots. I personally worked in the NC election & voter fraud was hard to control. 1 or 2 hours to early vote is not an inconvenience, unless you have NO other way of voting, then absentee vote, but DO NOT MAIL. Hand deliver it to your Supervisor Board of Elections yourself, then You will know they got it. They can validate it & match your signature. If you mail it, they can also contest your signature if it does not…


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