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American Sniper-An American University Suppresses Freedom of Speech.

So, Now the University of Maryland, where diversity of opinion should be welcome, and free speech would by unbound has now blocked the showing of American Sniper!

and Why?

This is all because a partisan Muslim Student group protested it's showing. What would these Muslims have against a movie where it depicts an American in a war zone who protects his fellow soldiers from eminent threat of death from suicide-homicide bombers.

Bombers that would kill themselves, innocent civilians, as well as our young men and women in combat. Our country's citizens, sons and daughters, parents of loved ones here at home. All beloved Americans.

Our army consisted and consists of all faiths. We see today that one of our own, albeit a duel citizen of Iran, a US marine veteran, Amir Hekmati, who served his country with honor and distinction- a combination that the Obama administration throws around without regard to the truth regarding Bowe Bergdahl - is now left in an Iranian prison. Maybe this Muslim Student group's efforts would be better served if they protested to have Iran set him free. But that is not their agenda. As a matter of fact when a radical Muslim Student group was confronted at a California Campus, they offered veiled threats against America. Are we going to kowtow to a group, based on them rooting for those that would do Americans harm and preventing the most popular movie would not be shown? I want your thoughts?

Are they protesting that America should have allowed these persons to have had an opportunity to kill Americans instead.

The aggressors would cause brutal oppression of their own Iraqi citizens.

Kyle served four tours in the Iraq War and was awarded several commendations for acts of heroism and meritorious service in combat. He was plain and simple the perfect reflection of a War Hero. A Patriot whose service to our country should and must be honored. I do. I will.

Kyle was a real man, who shed real blood for his country. 

He survived being shot by the enemy and survived the detonation of multiple Improvised Explosive Devices. He wore a target on his back. Posters of his Christian Cross were posted all over the war zone with a bounty on his head.  Many American Marines and soldiers, were not so fortunate. Many will live the rest of their lives with limbs blown off, many as well are suffering traumatic head wounds, many are suffering the pain of Post-traumatic stress disorder, and many, too many made the ultimate sacrifice. He in the process with his actions saved countless lives that would have otherwise added more to this list.  

Will we allow an unpatriotic group trash the American values that these same men fought so valiantly to protect?  If we do we have made a mockery of our freedoms, and allow those who hate America for all it stands for to spit on those countless men who sacrificed so much. The actions of The University of Maryland are anathema to all that makes America Great! I am outraged. We all must protest that this movie be reinstated for viewing. We must ask that those who made the decision to cancel this in the first place be reprimanded for cancelling this movie in the first place. It is time to fight back against such wanton suppression of free speech. Are we going to take this lying down? It is time we stand up for our rights, and make a sacrifice of our time, so much smaller a sacrifice of those who have fought to preserve our rights! Governor Hogan, will you stand up and tell the school allow the viewing, or will you allow this suppression of the rights of the People of the State of Maryland, we all American's? Let's not even talk about the sensibilities of this group of Muslim thought police that want to trample our freedom of speech? Is this what the American Student body attending University of Maryland is Confronting?

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