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Anything goes - for the Marxist Left

It should now be glaringly clear that the Marxist left will utilize anything to advance their diabolical agenda to destroy America. The latest & most vile example to date is their twisting of the horrendous shooting spree & assassination attempt in Arizona by a madman. The enemy within our government, their controllers, & their co-conspirators in the media instead of sincerely rallying sympathy & support for those harmed by this tragedy have used the gunman's maniacal act to launch their own ongoing multi-front attack against all of us, which includes viciously slandering ALL Conservatives & true Patriots, renewed attempts to squash the 1st & 2nd Amendments (these are always the first to go in a controlled society); this includes stifling political discourse, making the use of certain words a crime, i.e. crush dissent; having their occupier of the White House inject political, hypocritical chastisement into the memorial service in conjunction with this agenda; & the latest gimmick being an attempt to feign solidarity during an upcoming State of the Union address by asking to "unify" the parties in a mixed atmosphere. This is actually meant to disguise this first appearance of the "new" Congress so as not to highlight the result of the November election. To shed further light on the Marxist's steady scorched march of destruction click HERE to view Michelle Malkin's, "Progressive Climate Of Hate illustrated primer 2000-2010" piece. We must remain steadfast & resolute in our efforts to counter & defeat all Marxist actions. We cannot rely on those within our Government to do so!

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Comment by Lee Norris on January 25, 2011 at 4:53pm
Political Correctness has been and will continue to be a weapon of the left,  Good men will stand and let it be known That the Consitution is still in effect and worthy of fighting for, I urge all , write your representatives on a regular basis, letting them know,We the Watcher are ever Vigilant in the protection there of,



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