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We have a problem with integrity in Unemployment numbers.

Hey Guys,
The real reason that the unemployment number dropped was because of corruption in the government. 
160,000 new job seekers entered the market in November while 125,000 net jobs were created.  So how could the unemployment number drop a half percent?  A half percent is close to 700,000 net additional jobs.  
The unemployment number dropped because the labor department which is part of the executive branch (White House) decided that close to 600,000 people stopped looking for jobs.  600,000.  The unemployment number did not drop because of job creation.  It dropped because of job applicant elimination. 
 And this is the second time in the last year that the labor department did this.   If the labor department had not arbitrarily reduced the number of job seekers 2 times, then unemployment would be more like 11%.   
So what makes the executive branch think that it can arbitrarily reduce the number of people who are looking for jobs?   Did those job seekers move to another country?  Are they no longer part of the labor force?   Did they die?   The executive branch is fudging the numbers because no one stops them.  Because no one challenges them. 
Obama and Democrats believe that Americans will forget in 90 days how the government used a slight of hand to make the unemployment rate decrease.   
This is no different than what the executive branch has allowed Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and the Fed to do about how they report their numbers.    
We Americans need to look at the number of people employed.  That number is still 7 million below what it needs to be for the 7% unemployment number that we had when Bush left office ....  no matter how the executive branch figures the unemployment rate.  And it is 14 million less than what is needed for the 5% unemployment considered to be full employment that the USA enjoyed until the Democrats took control of Congress at the end of 2006. 
As stated by me in "Rules for Conservatives:"  Americans need to challenge the government about everything that it does and about any information that it gives us.   This government is no different than other tyrannies where they use propaganda to confuse the people.    
Now let's talk about the underemployment rate ... it is more like 20%.   
michael master

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