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Hillary here's what difference it makes!

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Answer to Hillary Clinton's statement to the committee investigating Benghazi:

"What difference does it make?"

What does it matter? It matters when , you, former Secretary Hillary Clinton, were derelict in your responsibility to protect American lives, before, during, and after a coordinated and well planned attack by an al Queda Affiliate! And have lied to cover it up! And asked to have others cover it up, as well as orchestrated a white wash of the reasoning for it, then blamed it on an American and his amateurish video, where you and the President and the UN Ambassador Susan Rice went out and lied! And worse you apologized for it! While the corpse weren't even cold, our Ambassador, and three other brave Americans, while others were airlifted and the many of them were hospitalized, and then to be more agregious you prevented others from divulging the truth, threatened them with retribution if they did, then you demoted them once they did! You purged all references to the truth of the attack! You have defamed persons in the process, and brought shame to your collective Administration, while devaluing the lives of those who courageously stood up to what is now known to be clearly a terrorist attack. And this wasn't an evolving information stream, you knew it from the first few hours. And we have a few questions, what as commander in Chief were you Mr President doing when for us on the Eastern time zone was a mid afternoon event. Why did you all not move to respond to protect those foreign service officers who worked directly for you and at your pleasure? Isn't it time you come clean, be a man, and tell the truth. Then you and VP Biden, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and UN Ambassador Susan Rice, apologize first to the victims of this attack, and their families, and work to have released from prison the man you scapegoated and now for all intents and purposes is a political prisoner, and known to the whole World of Islamists, and may very well have a fatwa on his head! And you sir have disgraced your office. There are not too many places you can hide from this atrocity, and dereliction of duty! And the overt lies to coverup this whole self made fiasco! And one of them is not in the White House! You need to finally stand up like a man and fess up,and do the right thing. The American people are counting on you to do just that!

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