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Internet Sales Tax: The Problem Is Too Much Govt Spending

From Tea Party WDC
The States are putting on the press thru Democrats (and lots of Republicans) for more revenue for various boondoogles and cronyism. They got tax increase thru the Fiscal Cliff on a Federal level and now are pushing for an Internet Tax to gain more revenue on a State level.

Some "conservatives" have stated that no Internet sales tax is an unfair advantage. I agree BUT the solution is to abolish the demand for sales tax by deeply and immediately cutting govt spending on a Federal, State and local level. We need privatization and competition in transportation, education, healthcare and more.

In Virginia, they are preparing to hold a gun to the productive and rapidly shrinking Virginian unsubsidized taxpayer's head in their as of yet unsigned Transportation Bill with plenty of raidable money for political money laundering. Either they get the Internet Sales Tax or they'll double down on gas tax to get their progressive urban pipe dreams of rail and speculative build, expanding government and union run transit. See here one of the largest tax hikes in Virginia history

They ignore five years of flattening miles driven and dropping transit use from the lowest labor participation rate in decades. In the Washington Metro area (including Northern Virginia), transit use has fallen as roads have been expanded to speculatively profit off of more government spending.

Transit is subsidized by subsidized government workers and tax breaks for employers. It is also subsidized by local, State and Federal and still, Metro can't properly fund their over generous union pension and healthcare benefits and are plagued by fiscal, maintenance and capital mismanagement.

The problem is too much destructive government spending NOT a lack of revenue.

Call your Senators and Congressmen, State and local representatives today to vote no on not only the Internet Sales tax but ALL increase in taxes on all levels. Call for privatization, an end to cronyism and the reestablishment of a competitive regulatory environment on all levels of government.

In Liberty,
Lisa Miller
Tea Party WDC
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