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Iranian Torture and Beatings worsen Condition of American Pastor.
Iranian Torture and Beatings must stop of Christian Pastor, Saeed Abedini! His wife is in deep anguish for him and for her Children as her husband a Christian Pastor is being beaten even in the midst of promises to be treated in a hospital for already sustained injuries due to the brutality recieved at the hands of his captors, the Iranian Government.
Jordon Seculow, ACLJ DIRECTOR, is fighting to do all he can do to end the beatings and torture of a pastor, Saeed Abedini.
33 year old, Saeed is becoming weaker and weaker from what is probably internal bleeding. Saeed's plight has risen to a level where it is now a subject of Conversation at the
UN and also our State Department the USA.
Extremist Islamic Radicals, fully orchestrated by the Iranian Government are holding, an American Citizen, Pastor Saeed Abedini, who is being beaten, tortured, for not Denying his faith, and his Savior, Jesus Christ.
Even while he and his family was promised to be examined for Possible internal bleeding, he was not, instead he was taken to be beaten. Iran is doing these things with impunity, while allowing the message of torture to get out and yet this is a device they use to show the torture and suffering they are creating as a form of terrorism against all of us, Americans. We must pray for Saeed Abadini. He is being persecuted as has been done for Generations. Thomas Jefferson, was a leader who while having the weakest of navies and not even a structured Marine Corp, created a force we now know as Marines to Invade tripoli, and secure the culprits. Although we may not do exactly what Jefferson did, it is time to do what only our elite American Forces can do to protect our fellow American and yes, Christian Brethren, Saeed as his Health is rapidly deteriorating as his beatings and torture Continue. We can do our small part by signing the petition which is being delivered to the Iranians every week. While we have an Administration that had not yet decided to act, we can still do something. So lets tell the Iranians we know they are being watched, and going to be held accountable. Go to

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