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Jobs, and Obama's Lies, Plus other thoughts

I dont know of any one that puts any crediblilty on what comes our of Washington.  Now they are saying that the unemployment rate has fallen to 8 percent, I suggest they live in a box and have no understanding of whats going on down on Mainstreet America.  I guess we have had another 2 percent that has just given up,,

Each time I fill my gas tank,, or visit the Grocery Store I see prices rise each week. This is all because of the Fed and its monetary polices, bring about inflation that they refuse to call inflation,,, lies never turn into truths.


My Prayer is for everyone to see the lies, raise up their voice, Write, call, email, your congressional delegation with your discuss of what they have turned this great Nation into.

More  on Government motors, they now sell more cars in China than they do in the good olde US of A.

How can GE net 15 Billion and owe no taxes,,


Its all insane, none of this maddess can be substained,

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Comment by Tess on April 2, 2011 at 11:38pm

Unemployment is higher than they report. There are no new housing starts and having construction workers work like WPA does not help...Obama is ruining usWe must get him out of office!

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