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Lisa Miller of Teaparty WDC envisions a better America without Entitlements!

Lisa Miller states:
What wasn't challenged in this Obamacare suit was Federal usurpation of   State and individual rights and responsibilities and the compulsion to   particpate in ANY entitlement (Social Security, Medicare,   Obamacare) Entitlements are all unconstituional and America would be   better off without them as seen in places that have personal social security accounts and regulated free market medical and insurance markets."
We have so many options which would create a solvency and a permanent solution to replace the disasters which were the insight of Franklin Roosevelt. His "Vision" is now on the verge of bringing about the final bankruptcy of the United States!
We have an opportunity to end this insanity! Please support libertarian conservative values. And as she states in her recent Blog, we can not substitute one bad idea with another. We must shed the shackles of the elements which only create new government obligations on a free citizenry. Any new system must be brought about by the most efficient system ever devised! The Free market! One which would bring wealth beyond anything imaginable! We would like your input on the alternatives.

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Comment by David Wallace on July 8, 2012 at 4:35pm
Ideas coming from extraordinary folks like Ms Miller, are just the kind of ideas which will
Lead America to renewed Exceptionalism! She is one of brightest stars of the
New Conservative Movement.
Comment by Lisa Miller on July 8, 2012 at 3:55pm

Consider that personal accounts are producing double the payout for those making 26,000 and at the top of the income spectrum three to four times Social Security's pay out. We would be better off without entitlements and an end to artificially low interest rates.

Comment by Janice G. Dorn on July 7, 2012 at 5:11pm

I definately agree we Americans need the Free Market to create jobs and prosperity!  That is how America rose to the heights it has and became so wealthy.  But I do not agree that Social Security and Medicare are entitlements, because people pay SS all of their lives.  And when they receive Medicare, they have money taken out of their SS to pay for this.   If Lyndon Johnson had not taken the SS money out of it's trust fund and used it for other causes, perhaps it would be solvent today.  The money that was taken was never repaid and this was I believe fraudalent.  We as citizens could not do something such as this and not be punished.  Because of this Social Security for the future is in serious difficulty.  Again, the Free Market is the answer to our future as it was in our past history. 

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