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Making Sure Your Vote Actually Counts in This Important Election

2008 election, absentee ballots were thrown away. Thousands of ballots. I personally worked in the NC election & voter fraud was hard to control. 1 or 2 hours to early vote is not an inconvenience, unless you have NO other way of voting, then absentee vote, but DO NOT MAIL. Hand deliver it to your Supervisor Board of Elections yourself, then You will know they got it. They can validate it & match your signature. If you mail it, they can also contest your signature if it does not match. There are too many ways your vote may not count. If you mail it, don’t completely fill out the circles, if your signature does not match, etc.

As a polling inspector in Florida, Here is how the process works: When you early vote, in Florida, I ask for your photo ID. Check your photo ID & make sure it is really you then, I take your drivers license & run thru the scanner & brings up your information to us know if you have already voted, if you are in the correct polling precinct, etc. After I know you are in the correct polling place & you have NOT voted yet, I have you sign the pad to match your signature on your drivers license. If the information we have in the system for you is correct, this whole process takes all of 1 minute, with your drivers license. If it is not, it will take longer. Please make sure you have your correct name & address & name to avoid problems BEFORE you vote. Then when it is all correct, I give you the ticket it prints for you to give to the next to the poll worker & give you your paper ballot & you go vote.

Please have your sample ballot filled out BEFORE you go, as it is 4 pages long & has all of the amendments on it, judges, etc., & will save you much time. Then all you have to do is transfer your information on the ballot. After that you take the ballot to the poll worker running the ballot machine & it goes in & gets counted immediately. It tells us how many people voted & how many Republican/Democrat, Independent voters gives us the breakdown. After everyone has voted at the precinct, the machines are tallied, it gives us the totals & then we have to count & take a total at the end of the evening, like a teller does on closing out her balances for the day. After that, everyone, all 12 of us had to sign off stating there are, X amount of Rep ballots, X amount of Dem, X amount of Indep. & then everything is sealed into large envelopes & then sealed in cases which tape on it that cannot be broken until it is in the hands of the Supervisor Board of Elections for that district. These cases are loaded into the car of the County Clerk, who was worked with us & the Asst County Clerk who then drive it down to the Supervisor Board of Elections that night. NO matter what time it is. While they are totaling up everything & filling out all of the paperwork necessary to go with the ballots, we are breaking down all of the equipment, ballot tables & have to get the room back in order.

If you mailed your absentee ballot, track it on line, or most likely it may not find it's way to the Supervisor Board of Elections . The best thing to do is to early vote, period. I am early voting, I would not absentee ballot. We are voting early & it's the best way to vote, during this election with the long 4 page ballot. If you HAVE to mail it, send it CERTIFIED MAIL, RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED to make sure they receive it.

Going door to door contacting voters Saturday, a gentleman said, in the last election, he voted absentee ballot & they mailed it back to him AFTER the election & marked, signature did not match. Enough said.

After all of the work we did to get this far, ask yourself, “ Is it really worth absentee voting in this major election taking a chance on it not showing up or not counting? Take the time to early vote, it counts. In Florida, early voting starts Oct 27 thru Nov 3rd. It is estimated that nearly 6.8 million absentee ballots cast nationally in the 2008 presidential election were never counted: Making sure your vote counts, Your ballot has to be perfect, so bring it in & make sure it is. I always early vote, not absentee.
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Comment by Don on October 19, 2012 at 3:24pm

Better yet for those folks living in Anne Arundel County you can go to the Board of Elections and request an Absentee Ballot, fill it out and turn it in within an hour of time spent.  Anne Arundel county has 22 questions on the Ballot this year.  Questions 1 thru 7 are all Pro O'Malley Agenda Items,,  very simply VOTE NO, on these questions.  A thru O are County referendums,,,  I will be voting NO on most of them as well.  

If you are a Republican, Independent,  "GET OUT THE VOTE",,  and please VOTE for Romney / Ryan and all other Republicans running for Office.

Thank You,



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