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Michelle Malkin has a new post on the "Undocumented alien"



Michelle Malkin discusses the outrage of a long term, Illegal Alien...He is bragging that he has amassed a cornucopia of Fraudulent Documents to support his status while residing illegally in this country!  While in the process breaking countless laws. He now flaunts them through our most left wing media outlet, the sellouts where the elitist Open borders advocates reside, at the New York Times.

We must ask that our fellow Americans work to maintain the rule of law, not work for the destruction of Law. We must remember that this explosion of illegal population flooding into this country illegally is a result of notice put out for years that we will turn our heads to this flagrant disregard of American Sovereignty. So Vargas decides to expose his illegal practices right now as the rule of law is being denied very aggressively by President Obama, while has put us all on notice his Administration will selectively enforce the laws of the United States.

 We saw during the Bush Administration, President Bush's dismissal of certain Federal Attorneys stationed across the United States who were not abiding by the law based on the argument that they didn't have the time to handle the case load. And they had more important things on THEIR AGENDAS! But when his Justice Department attempted to fire them The Left was bellicose in their denunciation of Justices firings. We must all stand together now and fight the lawless behavior of the President and his entire Administration.

For Vargas his Grandfather created false documents, for his continued residence. Then he obtained an Illegal Social Security Number: Felony! I-9 Document Fraud: Felony Obtained a Passport Illegally: Felony Used a Friends Address to obtain a Drives License Illegally: Criminal. And here is the point: We have a cabal of Leftists who disregard the rule of law, even inside our Catholic and Methodist as well as other Churches who are whining about the plight of our poor impoverished illegal Aliens. They dumb down the American populace by using euphemisms that gloss over the illegality of the actions of these people who will thumb their noses at our laws. They never talk about the victims who are left behind who have been left Husbandless, and Fatherless, abandoned like old trash that is thrown out. The families that are in tatters. We then see the whole loss of control for anyone crossing into this country illegally in an ill-conceived effort to dilute voter rights for the benefit of these Soft Tyranny Statists. We also see the increase likelihood of the falsely documented illegal alien with the help of the illegal syndicates, as well as those trying to destroy us from without, the Venezuelans in concert with the Iranians and other Middle Eastern terrorist states and organizations who are using the same false documentation in the wake of lax enforcement by the authorities that we march closer and closer to an epic failure creating catastrophe.

But as stated by those who have been strategizing to bring about this day when the rule of law is destroyed for the protection of the willful invader we are marching to destruction by the likes of Frances Fox Piven in the Cloward-Piven Strategy to destroy this country from within! The implications run long and deep into the survival of this country. We can never see these as individual elements, but as looking at Chess Match, where there is integration between what seem to be disparate parts which all play in concert to create a force for destruction. I for one do not want to ever play this game where the great country we live in is checkmated.  Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and Operatives from aligned with groups that will wantonly and gleefully want to kill us Americans are, now with the same lax policy, coming in to this country unscathed. They are getting ready to attack at the first opportunity. And we have a policy that says only if they are wanted for a major criminal behavior. Does that mean we wait and allow those who disregard our borders, our laws, to kidnap, torture, maim and kill, create mayhem, and conduct covert activities, plotting to conduct terrorist attacks, before we think about apprehending them?

 I say no. We must act aggressively, boldly, and decisively to apprehend and eliminate them from our society. Punishing them, and then kicking them out along with all family members. I am being humane as well. I am being humane to all of those potential American citizens who could otherwise see their lives and the families lives destroyed.


Can we ever be safe with this kind of thinking which has created this plan for so many years now coming to fruition? Those that flagrantly and repeatedly break our laws do not deserve a place at the table of our Free Market Economy, or the opportunity to take advantage of our generosity as a people. The assuredly will not abide by the law of the United States to which they have immigrated ILLEGALLY! As importantly, we cannot condone the President's actions in the face of his willful denial of the rule of Law, where he once again, has decided to play ruler, and not uphold his Constitutional Oath of Office to uphold the laws of the United States, and Protect and Defend! He is pillaging and plundering the oath he swore to uphold. He is taking the Jeremiah Wright ideology, to "Not Support the United States of America, but Destroy the United States of America, So help Him God!"






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