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Dear Patriots,

The mini-bus appropriations expanded subsidies and spending and the Defense Appropriation being worked on now is stuffed with pork projects and waste that brings closer our day of reckoning with our greatest National Security debt, our deteriorating economic position.


They say today that unemployment went down. According to reputable economists we need to get unemployment application per month under 375,000 to see net growth. We haven't been below that since February 2011. So, something is off as a larger population grows up to working age and as folks are defering retirement or "retiring" with a need and capability to still be gainfully employed as is reflected in the abysmal savings rate in America.


Some Republicans aren't mature enough to face the truth about how broke we are are espousing a $266 Billion"tax cut" in payroll tax for social security. As Social Security premium (paid thru payroll) no longer covers those benefit checks going out the door. This requires the Treasury to cash in the IOUs it gave the trust fund to misappropriate for other spending and force more tax or debt. The Democrats want to pay for it thru a tax on the "rich" or rather the employers of said employees, thus further divorcing benefit from it's true cost and value to the beneficiary. Those Republicans who like the idea want to make cuts elsewhere which doesn't change our ruinous spending trajectory. We are broke. We need cuts to cut the deficit and debt. The more government spends, the harder it is going to get for Americans.


Here is Senator Jeff Sessions speaking about the Social Security Payroll Tax Cut with me two days ago.


Please pick up your phone today and ask your Representative to net cut spending by at least $4 trillion over ten years (the amount the Bowles Simpson commission indicated for net cuts to starting reducing deficits and debt). I am also asking for $1.5 trillion first year cut that reduces baseline by the amount Obama increased it almost three years ago. All that money needs to stop in order for us to start recovering.


In Liberty,


Lisa Miller

Tea Party WDC





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