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Comment by David Wallace on October 21, 2009 at 12:52pm
Critical,,, Turn coat,, Senator Graham of S. Carolina has now decided to join with Sen. John Kerry to vote for Cap and Trade. Cap and Trade is exclusively due to the Global Warming Scare, and COx. With all the questions about the validity of the Global warming, so much so that the President, a proponent, now calls it Climate Change! and they can't point to any evidence of the global warming that is valid! All of the evidence has, one by one been falling by the way side as false science or worse, out and out lies! One piece of evidence that the Left is pointing to has been shown to patently false where these proponents had been found to be Inverting the relationship between global warming and COx. A lie made in Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore's Movie, to sensationalize the bogus problem. We have to look at this as an assault on the well being of our society.

Dave Wallace, II

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