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President Locks out Vets from memorials, but allows a rally for illegals on the National Mall.

Last week, the president tried to prevent WW2 vets from visiting a free, open-air memorial in their honor; but they instead broke through the barriers. Then the president, or some lackey of of his, threatened to have the vets arrested if they broke through the barriers. As far as I know, the WW2 and other War Memorials are still closed to this day. However, Obama, or one of his lackeys, allowed a rally on the National Mall to take place; this rally was for "amnesty." The National Mall is an open-air space, unguarded and unmanned, with no entrance gates etc, and it's closed to those who actually pay for it to exist, but yet, it has been opened with special permit for those who, and the supporters thereof, wish to plunder and weaken our nation! This is outrageous and disgusting!

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