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President Obama considers himself a "mainstream 80's Republican!"

If I were Mr John Boehner, The Speaker of the House of the United States of America, I would respond, "Mr. President if you are an 80's mainstream Republican" as well as, Speaker Boehner should call his bluff and respond in the following way: "Well I consider myself, Mr President, the equivalent of "a 1980's moderate democrat Speaker of the House", in the cloth and Spirit of Tip O'Neil and "Mr president your proposal is dead on Arrival!" as uttered by Tip O'Neil, And furthermore, acting as that Moderate Speaker of the House "I am duly elected not by you but by my district as a congressman and my peers who were elected by the Majority of the people of the United States, in the house, as Speaker of the House, not by you, so from now on I negotiate amongst my Democrat colleagues in the congress on the floor of the House, and then pass our bill to our Senate colleagues, our counterpart deliberative Upper body who as you know is elected to represent the interests of the States where we have 29 sitting Republican Governors,and they get to debate upon it, amend it, whereupon, once passed by the upper House we will sit down in conference and come up with the final, most acceptable proposal we can pass then present it to our equilavent "moderate 80's republican style President" to sign it!" And now Mr President put that in your pipe and Smoke it!

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