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Question #6 ,,, Broken Promises.... VOTE NO ON QUESTION #6!

November 3, 2012

Friday the Maryland Marriage Alliance released a final ad in its campaign to uphold marriage as a union between one man and one woman.  The commercial, “Broken Promises” focuses on the false claims that same-sex marriage activists make.
By pointing to indisputable facts and specific examples, the ad clearly reveals how individuals and organizations have been adversely impacted by same-sex marriage laws.  Dr. Angela McCaskill, the Gallaudet University administrator who was fired for merely signing the marriage referendum is one of several individuals that the ad points to as having been harmed.  After over a month and international outrage over the suspension, Dr. McCaskill has not been reinstated.  (Although Question 6 PROMOTERS say differently on their ads)
Loopholes in the actual law that will negatively impact religious organizations are addressed in the commercial.  The law reveals that churches and non-profits that receive state or federal funds are at risk.
The final point made in the 30 second commercial is the affect that same-sex marriage will have on parental rights and what is taught in schools.  Parents in Massachusetts were told that they had no right to opt their second grader out of a lesson that taught from a book about two gay princes falling in love.  (again, Question #6 Promoters deny this, but think a minute and remember all the past attempts to promote the "Gay Agenda and Lifestyle in our Schools, sometimes without even the knowledge of Parents, and you can see the LIE of their argument)
To view the ad visit the Maryland Marriage Alliance YouTube Channel:

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