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Report on Rep. John Sarbanes Speech Yesterday to the NARFE Federations Convention.

Confession,,,  I am a retired Federal Worker, I also happen to be Retired Military.  Between the two I have put in over 40 years of Service to My Country.  The Annuities I get from the Government were well and hard earned, I and many other Federal Workers / Retirees feel that we deserve all that we get from our Government, benefits and annuities.  

Obama wants people to become what he was,  (a rabble rouser).  Those of us who worked for the American Public, be it in our Nation's Security, or in Social Security, or Military are proud of what they did.   We put out fires, we didn't start them.

Rep. John Sarbanes is a good speaker, as was his father.  He was speaking to the choir yesterday, as NARFE is a fraternal organization made up of  ACTIVE, RETIRED, FEDERAL, EMPLOYEES.  We are National.  NARFE  has a State and Federal PAC to politic for maintaining our salaries, benefits,  as we should since we are under constant attack from the Republican Right Wing in the House.  Sarbanes played to a standing ovation.  He spoke about Election Reform, getting rid of the SUPER PACS,  He spoke of retaking the HOUSE from  "THOSE RADICAL TEA PARTY FOLKS"  Who would not part with a dime more for taxes to save their grandmothers.  He spoke of all the good work he did on Obamacare and the good that it would do.  He spoke about "Investing" in our youth, college, and college loans.   What he did not speak about was the socialization of our Country, our Borders, Illegal Immigration, Gas Prices, Obama's War on American Energy, Obama's War on our Constitution.  Etc.

I did get a chance to talk with him afterwards and asked him about the later subjects, to which he dodged in one manner or other.  Did not want to talk about it!  He did joke about the New Third District which he represents, and how it now covers Maryland, from the Chesapeake Bay to the Potomac River.  (Strange isn't it!)   He didn't want to talk about the politics that made it that way either.  Sarbanes and the Democrats attitude about Political and PAC reform is entirely selfish.  "YOUR PACS ARE NO GOOD, BUT MINE ARE FINE"!   (fund the Democrat Party, but NOT the Republican Party),  Remember this when Democrats talks about Political Reform.

I guess what I  am trying to say is that to win Maryland, Republicans have to get off the "Ostracize and scapegoat" the Government Worker /Retiree "KICK"!   We are not the enemy, but the Republican Party is making us just that.  As a whole all Federal Employees realize that our Nation is in DEEP Financial trouble, and that ALL Americans must work together to help our Nation rise out of the Obama Mess.  We are more than ready to do our share, but please don't, "MAKE US THE NATIONAL SCAPEGOAT"!

As one of the very few Conservatives in the audience yesterday I had a really hard time justifying my position with the constant attacks coming at me and my friends by those very people I was defending.

Thank You,

P.S.,,,  isn't it amazing that the Gar Prices are now "Falling"?    Obama has been taking a lot of flak for this.                Hummmmm

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