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Show Text of Dialogue and Show Research for Father's Day Weekend June 19, 2010. I am hoping to see your comments.

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Saturday June 19, 2010

We are coming to you live from the secure locked down facility somewhere in the Baltimore Washington Corridor, this Father’s Day weekend Saturday June 19, 2010, the last week end before the summer solstice, the official beginning of Summer! and this is the Dave Wallace Show: Restore America’s Mission! Where every week ladies and gentlemen in my vast listening audience we take a whirlwind tour of the weeks events, and look at the possible ramifications of these events, and again this week we have the the same events making headlines with some new twists. Iran, Illegal Immigration, the Arizona Bill, the UN Sanctions, and the Gulf Oil Leak, really more like a gusher, I want to wish all the fathers out there Happy Father’s Day, but I want to say something else, Happy Husband’s Day! For we should not celebrate Fatherhood with out the concurrent Husband Hood! I will get back to that in a few minutes. We will be having a special guest with us momentarily, none other Paul E Valleley, MGen Retired.

And I have an important announcement to make, the Conservative movement is Alive and Well. WE are making strides across the country, and somewhere where you would least expect it. Right here in the Progressive stronghold of Maryland! Yes, I am saying we have a chance to not only support strong Conservative Candidates, but also, to see them victorious. Case In point, we go to just two nights ago, Thursday Night at the Monthly meeting of the Reagan Republican Club where there was an official secret ballot, to determine the sentiment of the membership, and low and behold we had three findings, that Governor Ehrlich, I don’t thing there is any surprise there, with the former Governor getting the Majority of the vote, and then there is Andy Harris, and yet again, no surprise there as he won that official ballot either, but but, no just hold on we have breaking news for all of you in Baltimore County and around the Free State, in the very contentious US Senate Primary we had a clear winner, and yet as crowded as the field is, it is very surprising, at this early stage, We saw an unprecedented vote of support for Jim Rutledge for US Senate to run against Barbara Mikulski in the General Election, and not only did he win, Jim Rutledge won handsomely, with a Super Majority (meaning that the vote went more than 2/3rds for Rutledge!) and with the culmination of the vote, we can happily pronounce, that Jim was heartily endorsed by the club. So chalk one up for my candidate, Jim Rutledge! Congratulations Jim. and speaking of Jim Rutledge, if you want to enjoy the evening get yourself up and take the entire family out to the Rutledge Freedom Rally & Picnic in White Hall, Maryland, where the picnic is just getting underway, at Ralph Norton’s Place, formerly known as Camp Hidden Valley on 4722 Mellow Road, in White Hall! If you want more information so you can join in the festivities go to Restore America’s, where you can find this and many more events coming up throughout the summer! including so many things it could take an entire show, so go there and visit, and if you haven’t signed up, do so, so you too can be in on the action around the state and also around the Nation and the Globe. Where there are feeds on stories from NewsMax, Heritage Foundation, the Capital Research Center, as well as audio feeds from Investors Business Daily! as well as commentary from Jim Simpson who we have had as a guest, and Ann Miller from Baltimore’s Examiner!

We have some important information that are appropriate and timely regarding Father’s Day, that are all pointing inthe wrong direction, that we as a Nation need to address. and that is the epidemic proportions of out of wedlock child birth, which was addressed in the Heritage Foundations Morning bell report where the statistics are showing a crisis in the family!

And now we find the polls showing that the tide has turned regarding the President, and that the President who has been holding steady at around 47|% in his popularity has just slipped in the most recent polls that have come out since what some are saying is his vapid speech on Tuesday night that didn’t address the fundamental issue of capping the leak! This is the viewpoint of those on the Right Center and Left. So we have outrage by the Left over BP’s CEO taking the opportunity to spend time with his family this weekend, while home, by watching a yacht race, or something of the sort, with his yacht, named Bob! While we have the President over the entire 60 days, now and counting, attending various entertainment functions. and Then we have the middle east, and for that we want to now call on our guest Paul E. Vallely MGen Retired, and a contributor to Fox News! I want to wish you a Very Happy Father’s Day what I think we ought to be considering renaming Husband Day! and welcome to the show!

Fathers Who Are Husbands Spare Children from Poverty

A wedding ring on Dad's finger is more than a symbol of his commitment to Mom. It also proves to be the ultimate anti-poverty weapon for their children. Now that's something to celebrate and encourage this Father's Day. It's fitting on Sunday to honor all the fathers who strive to keep that commitment, even when they grow weary.

"The principal cause of child poverty in the U.S. is the absence of married fathers in the home," Robert Rector, senior research fellow in domestic policy studies at The Heritage Foundation, writes in a new paper. "Marriage is a powerful weapon in fighting poverty. Being married has the same effect in reducing poverty as adding five to six years to a parent’s education level."

In the paper, accompanied by 12 new charts on marriage and poverty, Rector illustrates the severe social costs of record-high births outside marriage – and of homes without fathers.

The escalating rate of births to unmarried women – four of every 10 babies overall, but more than half the Hispanic births and a staggering seven of every 10 births for blacks – is driving the collapse of marriage in America, especially in lower-income neighborhoods.

As Rector writes:

Marriage matters. But mentioning the bond between marriage and lower poverty violates the protocols of political correctness. Thus, the main cause of child poverty remains hidden from public view. Since the decline of marriage is the principal cause of child poverty and welfare dependence in the U.S. …it would seem reasonable for government to take steps to strengthen marriage.

About two of every three poor children live in single-parent households. Yet if poor single moms married the fathers of their children, nearly two out of three would be lifted out of poverty.

And contrary to the mainstream media line, teen pregnancy is a small part of the picture: In 2008, the most recent year for which data is available, babies born to girls under 18 accounted for 130,000, or 7.5 percent, of the total 1.72 million out-of-wedlock births.

It's not as simple as young men "manning up" and becoming the lawfully wedded husbands of their girlfriends, live-in or otherwise. These unmarried mothers tend to be in their 20s, without much income or education. They come to depend on public assistance; many learn how to work the welfare system.

Research shows that a child raised in a home where Dad is married to Mom is much less likely to live in poverty, get arrested as a juvenile, be suspended or expelled from school, be treated for emotional or behavioral problems, or drop out before completing high school. Taxpayers foot the bill for more than $300 billion a year in means-tested government spending on low-income single moms – and, in relatively rare cases, single dads.

One budding national leader, himself a young husband and father, nailed the poverty portion of the tragedy of absent fathers when he cited similar statistics five years ago and wrote:

In light of these facts, policies that strengthen marriage for those who choose it and that discourage unintended births outside of marriage are sensible goals to pursue.

Those words come from husband, father and then-Senator Barack Obama's 2006 best-seller "The Audacity of Hope." He was correct then, and he should implement marriage-strengthening policies today.

To reinvigorate marriage in lower-income neighborhoods, Rector suggests, government could start by providing facts on the role of healthy marriages in reducing poverty and improving the well-being of children. Why not teach skills for selecting a wife or husband? Why not explain the importance of developing a stable marital relationship before bringing children into the world?

Nothing could be further from government practice. In social service agencies, welfare offices, schools and popular culture across America, what Rector calls "a deafening silence" reigns on the topic of marriage. The welfare system actively penalizes low-income couples who do get married. He adds:

For most on the Left, marriage is, at best, an antiquated institution, a red-state superstition. From this viewpoint, the real task is to expand government subsidies as a post-marriage society is built.

Rather than adopt policies to reverse the 50-year spike in births outside marriage, though, President Obama in his 2011 budget "would eliminate the one program dedicated to encouraging healthy marriage,"notes Jennifer A. Marshall, Heritage’s director of domestic policy studies.

Marshall writes:

In its place would be a program promoting a notion of 'fatherhood' that doesn't involve the father being married or in the home. The facts speak for themselves. It's time more policymakers noticed what the facts are saying.

Something to think about, Mr. President. Happy Father's Day.

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The United States has been struggling to subdue the Iranian Regime's Nuclear Arms Ambitions. One of the Golden Opportunities would be to clandestinely fund the various opposition Leaders including the Kurdish Iranians who have recently seen the attack on their Opposition Party escalated to an all out assault in the wake of the Execution of 4 of the 5 Leaders of the Kurdish Opposition. We see what the Iranian Regime does to it's own internal enemies we should not expect tolerance to those they oppose on the world stage if they are to attain Nuclear Weapons. We have recently seen the increase in fear of Iran by it's Arab neighbors to the West, Saudi Arabia, as it has been reported that Saudi Arabia has given permission to Israel to incur it's air space in the case of an assault on Iran. The brutality that has been exhibited by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, and the Regime Leader, Ahmadinajad is very troublesome. In addition they continue to attain support from the Chinese and Russians. It is important to note that the Chinese have received special allowances within the sanctions agreement just carried out by the UN. We want to make an important footnote as we write this blog the UN Sanctions in which the anticipated shipment of S-300 Land to Air Missile defense System Battery, which had earlier been in dispute by various officials of the Russian Government, seems to now have been temporarily put on hold with the pronouncements privately by Vladimir Putin to Nicolis Sarkozy of France while on a working visit to Elysee Palace. Upon conclusion of the meeting Sarkozy stated he was told by Prime Minister Putin, that the Russians will freeze delivery of the coveted missile defense system long anticipated by the Iranians.This possible decision by the Russians seems to contradict the earlier statements by Lavrov. Depending on which direction the Russians take on this issue the chance of a successful end to the Nuclear Arms ambitions of the Iranian Regime will hang in the balance. However if the delivery of the s 300 missile system does occur This assures the introduction of this sophisticated protective umbrella in Iran which will greatly increase the security of Iran from any kind of assault on it's growing Nuclear bomb program. In turn it could cause the failure of any mission that would be attempted by the United States or Israel. We will have, due to this portion of the agreement, a much greater risk of loss of Life, and military Assets in the attempt to end the program that sanctions have continued to fail to do. In an attempt to undermine and eventually topple this despotic regime that came to office in a sham election, that gave Ahmadinajad another term in office as President, we must support all groups within this bellicose country of Iran. That should include military equipment for an all out guerrilla movement. The incorporation of light weapons, AK-47's and other shoulder arms, as well as Rocket Propeled Grenade Launchers with ample ammunitions as well as other material that the CIA deems necessary to begin this process.

The sense of smug impunity that the current regime in Iran currently relishes must removed. It must be replaced with a sense of insecurity which will cause them to apply their ambitions to strictly restoring security within their own borders. It is about time they had fear placed into their corrupt minds and stone cold hearts. We must make them fear going to sleep at night, only to awaken to the end of their own regime.

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Print Page | Forward Page | E-mail UsIranian Kurdish Group Resumes Attacks After Executions

Monday, 24 May 2010 09:53 AM

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By: Ken Timmerman

The leader of an Iranian Kurdish opposition group reacted fiercely to the Iranian regime’s execution May 9 of five of his party members, ordering resumption of armed attacks against regime security forces after a yearlong moratorium.

“For the past year, we suspended military actions to give the United States and Israel time to break Turkey away from Iran,” Abdulrahman Haj Ahmadi, the leader of the Free Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PJAK), told Newsmax in an exclusive interview in Europe. “But with the execution of the five Kurds, we resumed limited strikes against the security forces, to give them a taste of our power.”

Ahmadi said he had been reluctant to resume military action because PJAK sees itself primarily as a political organization fighting for freedom in Iran.

“War only benefits those who want war in the region, but if we don’t defend our activists, we will lose our popularity among the people,” he said.

In just 10 days since resuming the attacks, Ahmadi said PJAK commandos killed more than 100 Revolutionary Guards officers in the Iranian Kurdish regions, without suffering any casualties of their own. The Iranian regime has complained of Kurdish activist “terrorism” during the past two weeks, but Newsmax was unable to verify Ahmadi’s casualty claims independently.

“No matter how strong we are on the ground, we fully realize that we can’t overthrow the regime alone,” Ahmadi said. “That’s why we continue to cooperate with the Green movement, and why we call on Iranian opposition groups to coordinate their activities and work together.”

Shortly after the execution of the five Kurds, Ahmadi said during an interview with the Persian service of the BBC that the PJAK members were not martyrs for the Kurdish people, but for Iran.

“I took a lot of criticism for that comment from our Congress,” Ahmadi said. “But I meant it. People falsely accuse us of being separatists, but in six years since PJAK has existed, have you ever heard a single word from me or any of the PJAK leadership to suggest that we are separatist?”

Since the mass protests that erupted last June after the disputed president elections, Iranians of all backgrounds have been seeking shelter in PJAK-controlled areas in the Qandil mountains along the Iran-Iraq border.

“We now have members from among the Lur tribes, the Balouch, the Azeris, and the Persians,” Ahmadi said.

I met some of these activists from different ethnic backgrounds at PJAK camps in northern Iraq during a reporting trip in October 2007. Those camps are being subjected to constant bombardment from Turkish warplanes and Iranian artillery, Ahmadi said.

“Every time they hit us in Qandil, we strike back against them inside Iran,” he said.

In Marivan, a key provincial center, PJAK activists attacked and occupied the local garrison of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) and took their officers captive, he said.

Ahmadi accused the United States of giving information to Turkey on where PJAK camps are in northern Iraq, which Turkey then shared with Iran.

The IRGC recently has moved U.S.-built Cobra helicopter gunships to the Kurdish region to use against PJAK guerrillas.

“Kurdistan is now a tinder box,” Ahmadi told Newsmax. “It just needs a match to explode.”

The IRGC has used a variety of intelligence tactics to identify PJAK militants. Just recently, the IRGC announced it had arrested a PJAK militant operating alone, and kicked him publicly in the street.

“I said, that is not possible, because our people never go on missions alone,” Ahmadi said.

Later, he learned that the IRGC had staged the beating, with an IRGC member dressed up as a PJAK member. “They knew we would defend our people, so they were trying to draw us out,” he said.

Ahmadi appealed to the United States to lift the Treasury Department’s designation of PJAK as an international terrorist organization.

“The Treasury Department action last year came at the very worst time for the Iranian freedom movement,” Ahmadi said. “It came just before last year’s elections and the formation of the Green movement. Without the designation, we would have been able to forge a powerful alliance with other Kurdish groups and the Greens. But because of Treasury’s action, many opposition groups fear working with us. They think we are enemies of the United States, but we are not.”

The Treasury Department accuses PJAK of being a branch of the Turkish PKK, which has been on the terrorist list for more than 20 years. But despite repeated requests from Newsmax and other news organizations, Treasury never has released information to establish those ties and has referred inquiries to the Turkish embassy in Washington.

“Three years ago, we sued a German newspaper for repeating this baseless allegations and won,” Ahmadi said. “We are preparing to sue another newspaper now. And we plan to sue the Treasury Department in the United States to lift this designation. What business do I have with Turkey? PJAK has nothing to do with Turkey.”

Turkey fears the success of PJAK and the Green movement because Iran’s minorities all want some sort of federal system that recognizes the political and cultural rights of minorities.

“Turkey is afraid that, if we succeed in Iran, it will set an example for Turkey,” Ahmadi said.

PJAK activists have been arrested all over Iran during this past year’s protests, and many are in Tehran’s Evin prison awaiting execution.

Ahmadi believes the Green movement needs to regroup after the regime’s success in preventing planned demonstrations in February.

“These tactics of mass demonstrations are well known to the regime. Bringing people to the streets no longer works. We need to change tactics, work differently,” he said. “I have been talking to the Green movement about this. We want them to understand that we are in this fight not because we are Kurds, but because we are Iranians.”

Failure of the Green movement to bring down the government of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the system of absolute clerical rule will have disastrous consequences for the United States and Europe, Ahmadi warned.

“Look around you in this [European] city,” Ahmadi said. “You see people walking the streets in peace, without a care. In the next war, which will erupt when Iran gets nuclear weapons, there will be violence everywhere. Here in Europe, you won’t be able to walk down the street without fear of terrorist attacks. Radical Islam is coordinating people across Europe. Because of your laws, you cannot bomb them. You cannot arrest them. So what will you do when they are given the orders to attack?”

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