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Small Business Owners staying in business

If you were hiring a CEO for your company, who would you hire, Mitt or Barry? Mitt - balanced budget, Barry will not balance a budget, so none, Mitt hires more women & pays them more, Barry has class warfare for women & threw his own Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, under the bus. 

This is one woman who would be happy to send Mitt her resume & put it on the top of the pile, as I have been working as a volunteer for him for months & know he can get our country goiing in the right direction & getting jobs back.  

My husband has clients, who are waiting to see what happens, so I asked them, Are you waiting to see who wins the election?  & they said yes."  If Romney wins, they will be buying software, no cutbacks.  If Barry gets in, they will be cutting back.  Can't afford Obamacare.  

Talked to a client yesterday who voted for Mitt on his lunch hour & said the majority of the company was Republican & voting for him.  He said they would be doing well if Romney gets in.  If not, they will have layoffs if O stays in office. 

We are voting for Romney in Florida, as we are small business owners.  

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