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Something's not adding up! shows me, a single male, who has $0 (actually, negative income, as a result of investment losses), is not within the poverty limit for subsidy. Income $0 is 0% of poverty level; Unsubsidized annual premium $3359; Maximum % of income: None; Amount You Pay: $3359 (INFINITY% of income and covers 100% of premium); You could receive tax credit subsidy of $0

But let's show a family of 4, with 2 adults ages 45 & 44, 2 children under 20, none of the 4 are tobacco users. $65000 household income. Income is 276% of poverty level; unsubsidized annual is $10,422; maximum % of income paid for non-tobacco premium, if eligible for subsidy 8.8%; amount you pay for premium $5723 (8.8% of income, and 55% of total overall premium); could receive a tax credit subsidy of $4699 (45% of premium)

What? I thought SUBSIDIES were for the poor! So no income, means you have to PAY 100%, but $65K annual income for a family of 4 gets a subsidy? LOL.

Even plugging in $0 income for a family of 4 (similar to the example above, only $0 income) it is NO SUBSIDY, and $10120 annual premium? OUCH!

No wonder people will be taking the 1% tax penalty or $100 fine!

So much for helping out the little guy!

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