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The Cost of War, Bring our Men and Women Home


  Standing at a cost of 1 trillion, 121 billion as of July 2010, the cost of the wars is straggering. Mind you this is all borrowed money.  In iraq, russia and china are the gainers, getting the oil contracts  for which our men and women have shed blood.


  In Afganistan, we have thousands chasing around the country looking a few hundred,  In the process, we are losing Nations that where once friendly to us,


  I dont have the answers, but I say Bring our men and women home,, spend the money on security here, Demand that the CIA be accountable for inactions  that created this mess to start with.

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Comment by Tess on March 17, 2011 at 8:30am
Petraeus says we are making great headway.

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