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Some say they don't want casinos.
No! No! No! We should have a casino in every neighborhood!!!! We should make sure that every square inch of Maryland and for that matter our country be covered In its entirety with casinos and gambling,so we can sap the economic strength from the middle class and the poor. And relinquish it to the rich! The casinos will destroy our economy and productive work and the resultant income will go to the corrupt and powerful gambling community. The poor will spend their last dime on the fantasy "of get rich on one single pull of the lever. Or one single hand of cards, or one single roll of the dice! Craps! That is!
We must stand to end these regressive taxes that steal from the poor and give to the rich! When will the governor create an approach that will grow the Middle class, increase the upward mobility of the poor, instead of building bridges to poverty! Our lives will not be benefited by our vulnerable neighbors having their disposable income taken from the functional and productive purchases of new Furniture, properly running automobiles, and the new homes they will need as their families grow.
And one last thing. Do we really believe that our structural deficits will be eliminated? Do we really think that our States ravenous appetite for additional spending projects will be satiated? We know the answer! The answer is: No! Hell NO!

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Comment by Don on September 9, 2012 at 2:14pm

I think it is simply amazing the amount of money that is being spent on the PRO and CON of QUESTION #7.  I was against Gambling from Day one.  I voted for it because we were told / And we thought we were voting FOR Gambling at the Horse Tracks to "Save the Horse Racing Industry in Maryland and for MONEY for our Schools",  boy did we get the shaft as "Dirty Politicians" even worded the Ballot Question to continue with their deception of placing the Gambling Locations at the Horse Tracks.  Everyone of these folks should be voted out of Office for what they did to our State, starting with Martin O'Malley, Michael Busch, Mike Miller.  Voting for another site will only steal from the sites already in place, of which two are already in trouble.  To vote another site would be to stab the ones agreed to and open, IN THE BACK!



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