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A New Year has arrived.  The next phase to Restore America by the Patriot citizenry must continue unabated. Expectations for the "New" Congress (note: most of them aren't "new" - only 20%, particularly the leaders) remain highly skeptical & cautionary especially in light of them totally missing & already giving away their historical Nov. 2 mandate during the lame duck session; going along with yet another insane, unfunded "stimulus" style package, and making some very inappropriate House Committee Chairmanship appointments as well as the stark absence of those much better suited for key posts. All indications point to continued tyrannical deconstruction of America by the Obama administration (including his still evolving replacement White House staff). Word is out that they plan to bypass We the People and our "Representative" Congress by way of executive branch legislating through advancement of new & improper departmental regulations. Expected examples: implementing Cap & Trade through EPA; Reinstatement of stricken elements of Obamacare (Death Panels) via HHS; Govt. control of the internet and airwaves (Fairness Doctrine) via the FCC and so on. WE MUST NOT LET THIS STAND!

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Comment by Ray Marcantoni on January 14, 2011 at 7:47pm

I totally agree, and would add that the United States is on as FAST TRACK to self destruction.  Unless we stop spending AND stop printing money or we will be a 3rd world country, and sooner rather than later. We MUST insist that ALL but essential spending stop NOW. The truth about the debts needs to be made public and explained so people understand the consequences of the reckless spending. I believe this is a national security issue.



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