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That government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish!

Elections have consequences. and critical elections have critical consequences! And in the case of the now concluded Presidential Election we are potentially going to see grave consequences. The time to evaluate them is now so can take all measures to evade the peril we all face as a nation. It is now a time to put on our collective thinking caps to begin to build the wall and Buttress ourselves against the erosion of our constitutional liberties, our economic Freedom. We have temporarily lost the fight to garner sufficient seats in the Senate, as well as the Presidency to make sweeping reform, change. So we must work to build blockades against the myriad attacks the president will make against our economy. On that front we must stand strong and forthright and not be cow towed, or browbeaten to back off principles, of limited government, fair taxation, and the end of reckless spending and huge debt, and stifling regulations. These fronts must all be pursued.
And although I am with many of you that we would like to go after repeal of Obamacare and reverse other things in a different way then a slow gradual turning of the ship. We don't have the critically-needed collective will power in our Senate to allow our Houses actions through. And we don't have veto proof majority in the Congress.
And this puts us in peril! Grave peril, and potentially existential peril. Our economy which fuels our tax revenue (not tax rates,) will cause our Nations defense to suffer. Furthermore, our President, is willing to be flexible with the Russians, which means in actuality capitulation to them. This may not be apparant instantly, but will gravely weaken us militarily and grow the threat of unilateral attack by our

enemies! It is imperative to combat this ideology, we call socialism in politeness, as it is much worse, in its purpose and objectives. First we must continue to use every element of Comunication to speak the truth. To speak about the perils of envy over emulation.
Secondarily, and actually much more important especially in ending the trend in popular opinion about the right path to go in our Nations political psyche' is to end the influence of Marxism in our classrooms which demonizes long standing American Values and that which has Created the American Exceptionalism, and this the American Era!

There are many ideas that you have to combat this, and I would like for you to share yours. But here are possibly three.

One is to eliminate once and for all the insidious grip of power of the Marxist- elitists at the UN, by ending our ties to UNESCO.
Secondly, we must end the influence of socialists in our Departments of education, nationwide.
Thirdly, we must come to the reality that School board races are partisan. And admit it. We must allow, actually require party affiliation to be established. No longer can the wool be pulled over our eyes about shiny Red Apples and Nutrition being the focus. We must talk about curriculums! Ones that don't integrate hatred of American values and promotion of values found in Cuba, The USSR, and other socialist states, even those of President Mugabe's, Zimbabwe!
Last and most importantly we end the Department of Education. And we end the Union power, as has been done in Wisconsin, to direct Union dues,

in this case, those of the NEA, into political campaigns to influence elections. We must begin fighting the battle where we can turn the long term tide!

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