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Last week I had a counselor come in & she only had $3.00 & decided on our campaign buttons, which were going fast.  She wanted some other items so said she would go to the bank & come back, & held a t-shirt which we picked out  together for her. 


She came back about an hour later & brought us a large donation check instead & got her t-shirt she wanted, yellow & got her bumpersticker & the side door magnets. I told everyone there & we all clapped & thanked her.  I gave her back her $3.00 as it was the only cash she had.  She thanked me & said I should be running for office, as I was very good at giving information & her getting exactly what she needed.  She also needed information on Early voting & where to go.  We exchanged business cards & would stay in touch. 


Yesterday,as I left the Mandarin Victory Center I stopped to get our car washed & looked over & saw the yellow t-shirt & walked over & she looked different, in her jeans, I saw her in her business suit.  She hugged me & said, yes, look at me."I have on my yellow Romney t-shirt, which I love & have the car advertising for Romney, as I drive down the street.'  She was so happy & she said, people would thank her when they saw her.  Made her feel good & know she was doing something to promote Romney, even though she didn't have time to volunteer. 


Thank you Susan Stanford-Rue, PH.D from Jacksonville Florida,   

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