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Will America Survive under Current Trade Policy?

It is important that we understand that any ideology will fail. We must look at political theories through the lens of pragmatism. What is the result of policy. If it fails, is the policy a success? I doubt if anyone believes that. I am an American who understands that We are the market upon which all other countries rely. We will not be of any value to the world if our great Country decays for the implementation of bad policy. Once tried and failed, a policy must be discarded for policy that works. We have seen the policies that are built upon the Natural instincts of man to typically succeed. If we are to succeed we must re-adopt this simple approach to policy. We can not be like Salmon, when we approach policy. Swimming against the current of Human Nature will only breed failure. So with close examination, I agree that Free Trade without caveat, is only going to destroy our great country. And if you can kill 5-6 million Manufacturing and Industrial jobs, you will not succeed but only fail. I want to recognize that the country we live has many great people, for whom I care deeply. And if it will fail my beloved Americans, it too, will fail me! And when we speak of Patriotism, we must include the love our American Economy. We can have a robust economy only if it is predicated upon self sufficiency, and the ability, especially the ability to provide for the livelihoods of Americans, and secondly and just as importantly, the national infrastructure of the National Defense of this Country. Please understand that I am not against trade. I am against trading away our future. We as a country will benefit only if it is a two way street. One that is beneficial to all Americans and the party, the nation with whom we trade. Aren't we all aware of the system of Free Markets. There is never a loser in a free market transaction. We understand fair value. We understand, that the seller must obtain what he needs; the buyer must obtain what he needs. This is a Win-Win relationship, upon which all Free Market transactions are predicated. We must see the same kind of Win-Win in the world of Free Trade Relationships. It is time we begin to exercise our rights as a sovereign nation to participate in free trade only when it is beneficial to our National Economy, and national Security. We can love our foreign neighbors, but we should never love them so much that it is detrimental to the benefit of our nations future. We today are confronted with issues that show that our ability to produce the most basic elements, stuff, for our sheer survival is being encroached upon. This is due to an insatiable appetite to foster relationships with countries that have values which are in stark contrast to our own. We have an understanding that the rights of man are derived from a higher power, and Nature's God. We do not seem to remember that other nations, especially China, believes that people derive their rights from Government.

The necessity to trade with China to the extent we do is only precipitated by policies that denigrate the ability for business to succeed here in this country. These policies are established around, poor Tax policy, poor Regulatory policy. We need to fix our countries house dramatically before we launch any additional trade initiatives. Initiatives which will fail the American People, providers for their families and for themselves all.

Please don't misunderstand me. I am a free trade individual. But not a person who would take it to the point of an ideology. And I am beginning to believe that the Free Trade Programs that have been implemented and will continue if we don't draw the line, will only be suicidal to this great Country and to the men and women that make it up!


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