Only $640.00 donated so far. O'Malley needs to be defeated. Please forward to O'Malley haters. To: mdmcdc@yahoogroups.comCC:;;; tamigreene@comcast.netFrom: BB67Chev@aol.comDate: Wed, 26 Jan 2011 19:43:44 -0500Subject: [mdmcdc] Help Save Maryland - Please Help Walt Abbott Battle O'Malley's Court Attorneys! Walt Abbott Legal Defense Fund Remember Walt Abbott?  He is the Baltimore County Citizen who lost his job, business, pride and almost his family because Maryland Governor Martin works hand and hand with CASA of Maryland in running a sanctuary state for illegal alien lawbreakers.  Illegal aliens underbid and stole work from Walt's construction company to the point where Walt just had to give up. When Walt reached the bottom of his depression, in anger he stupidly sent an e-mail to O'Malley, with his name and address included, telling Martin that if they ever met face to face he would do a number on him for destroying his livelihood.  Yup, not a smart move.  But that was more than 2 years ago.  Walt has apologized and moved on.  But the vindictive O'Malley and his attorneys are still after Walt, trying to make his life a living hell.  It's time for Maryland's law abiding citizens to help Walt fight back.  Martin needs to have his legal drones go after the true criminals in Maryland, the 300,000 illegal aliens ("New Americans") that inhabit our state and use our schools, hospitals, roads, welfare, jails, food stamps, housing assistance and employment opportunities. PLEASE DONATE:  A "Defense Fund" has been established for Walt through the M & T Bank.  Just go to any M & T Bank Branch and make generous deposit intoAcct # 9849152385.  Write the check out to "M & T Bank" and put "Walt Abbott Defense Fund" on the memo line.  (Donations are not tax deductible).  No M & T Bank by you?  Mail your check to HSM and we will deposit it on your behalf at M & T Bank. The fund will be used to help pay for a competent lawyer for Walt.  The Court appointed lawyers to date have truly been a joke.  The ACLU will not help Walt but we can.  Walt's next court date is in March so please donate today!  LEGGETT, CASA OF MARYLAND AND UNIONS WORKING TOGETHER TO FURTHER MILK MONTGOMERY COUNTY CITIZENS  A new so-called “Worker Health and Safety Initiative” is actually a front to by the AFL-CIO, CASA and Montgomery County Executive Ike Legget to funnel more tax funds into illegal alien day laborers, unions and their members and CASA.  Read the blurb below printed in the AFL-CIO Newsletter as well as Leggett’s Press release on the new Commission on Worker Safety and you decide.   Tuesday January 25, 2011 - SAFETY AND HEALTH TO BE FACTORS IN MONTCO CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTS: Worker health and safety will now be a factor in awarding County construction contracts, Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett announced yesterday. The move was welcomed by the Metro Washington Council and other union allies, including CASA de Maryland, which were involved in the multi-year effort. “Every job in our community ought to be a safe job,” said Leggett. “Despite our budget challenges, there are ways we can use existing resources to help reduce workplace injuries and illnesses in the County. We can’t do MOSH’s job for it, but we can be an extra pair of eyes and ears. We can require companies bidding for County contracts to factor in their workplace safety record and workplace safety programs. We can educate people about their rights to a safe workplace.” Under revised procedures, contractors seeking to be qualified to construct County facilities will lose “points” for inadequate safety and health results or for the lack of strong health and safety prevention programs. Previously, contractors seeking business with the County only had to certify that they were abiding by existing laws. In addition, Leggett rolled out a new County website designed to give those working in the County information about workplace safety and health, as well as information and forms necessary to lodge complaints with the Maryland Office on Safety and Health (MOSH), which has jurisdiction over workplace safety in all Maryland workplaces. Leggett also appointed an ongoing “Commission on Workers Safety and Health” to advise him on further policy changes as part of the County’s Workers Health and Safety Initiative. Appointees are Washington Building & Construction Trades Council Secretary- Treasurer Vance Ayres, Newspaper Guild Treasurer Jim Grossfeld, Scott Schneider, director of Occupational Safety and Health for the Laborers’ Health & Safety Fund, Amy Millar of the Montgomery County Government Employees Organization/UFCW 1994, and Chris Trahan from Silver Spring-based CPWR—The Center for Construction Research and Training. MOCO PRESS RELEASE  WHAT ONE ILLEGAL ALIEN SUPPORT GROUP THOUGHT OF PRESIDENT OBAMA’S STATE OF THE UNION RE IMMIGRATION January 26, 2011,0126.shtm 1. Comment: Hot Air - Yesterday's State of the Union address by President Obama contained 144 words on immigration. By contrast, his first SOTU address had 37 words. There is good reason to believe that all the words, whether 37 or 144, are just hot air.  Firstly, the Republicans in Congress are unlikely to work with Mr. Obama on immigration. Secondly, Democrats no longer enjoy a majority in the House. Thirdly, it is an open question whether Mr. Obama actually wants to help immigrants, the O

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