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  • I am so excited to see you become a member of Restore America's Mission/ TARS Group! I look forward to you bringing enthusiasm to the Restore America's Mission! I want to ask you to participate in our upcoming events as they occur and to the fullest extent that you are able! I want to thank you for participating in our club especially in such a pivotal time in our country's history! We don't know what the future will bring, but we know without our voices in the debate we will lose assuredly many of the blessings that have been bestowed upon us by our creator and the documents that our founding fathers of our great country have been enlightened to write in their hand! We want to be vigilant and forthright in our opposition to the direction that our country is headed under the leadership of the new president and his administration! We need to tell him that his careless spending and the spending that he is creating that is much more than stimulus will not be tolerated! President Obama is increasing the size of Government that even the Congressional Budget Office says is going to add more then 9 trillion dollars to the national debt. These actions are precipitating fear and consternation around the Earth. Even communist China's regime is admonishing the administration to reduce their spending frenzy, now saying, that they may want the world community to consider a universal currency to replace the dollar as the foundation of the Worlds commodity markets. We approach an abyss that if we continue on this course we shall assuredly leap! Thank you for taking the first step in assisting the Restore America's Mission in its fight to secure the nations future for your and future generations!

    Dave Wallace, II
    Founder and Organizer
    Restore America's Mission
    We ask that if you are a Republican or a Republican Organization in Maryland go to Maryland Republican Club,
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