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  • I went to DC yesterday.
    Based on what I witnessed and heard:

    Doors were open in the Capitol building, protesters waked in.

    Then a provocation happened and now it is being presented by the mainstream media as a riot of white supremacists.

    Mainstream media has a difficult time finding angry photos with "violent protesters."
  • I see three major political camps in today's America:

    1) Liberal snobs and their new best friends - angry leftists.

    2) Old school, alcohol and bible conservatives.

    3) People who like evolutionary psychology, listen to Jordan Peterson, familiar with writings of Freud and Jung and who realize that we were eating each other for much longer then we lived in a state, under a constitution or even knew how to read and write.
    And that someone has to ground those snowflakes if we don't want to slip back into that state.
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