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The Declaration of Independence expresses the fundamental  values of all people, and the United States Constitution formed a Republic to protect those fundamental values against unrestrained government intervention.



Promote the values expressed in the Declaration of Independence and preserve our republic as established by the United States Constitution.



To hold government - at all levels - accountable to the people!

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“Property must be secured or liberty cannot exist.” - John Adams


Why Social Security Hurts Society and Isn’t Secure

The concept of a social safety net is well accepted throughout the Western World.  The idea that some provision should be made for those who through no fault of their own are unable to provide for…Continue

Tags: Ponzi, collectivism, socialism, scheme, unfunded

Started by Dr. Robert Owens in The Economic Collapse of America Dec 12.

What‘s Next?

Now that BHO has decreed that deportations will cease and work permits and other privileges of legal immigration will be granted to those who chose to enter our country illegally what’s next?In less…Continue

Tags: tax, and, West, of, the

Started by Dr. Robert Owens in Constitutional Discussions Nov 28.

Impeach President Obama Why When Where and How

In America today just like in Lake Woebegone every child is above average and every child gets a trophy.  We may score low in…Continue

Tags: aliens, illegal, impeachment, executive, orders

Started by Dr. Robert Owens in Constitutional Discussions Nov 22.

Enough is Too Much Already!

The recent elections delivered the most crushing defeat a political Party has suffered since Ronald Reagan’s 1984 Forty-nine state landslide.  Democrats were rejected by every voting block…Continue

Tags: pullout, Iraq, ISIS, McConnell, Afghanistan

Started by Dr. Robert Owens in Constitutional Discussions Nov 15.

Blog Posts

The Benghazi Coalition Victory! Select Committee Approved!

Our coalition letter from January.

It is good to re-read this letter in context with the Benghazi revelations and for a select committee.

“To the living we owe respect. To the dead we owe the truth.” –Voltaire

Dear Speaker Boehner,

We write to express our grave concern over the failure of the House of Representatives to extract the truth from the Obama administration concerning the attack on our diplomatic and intelligence facilities in Benghazi, Libya; and, the brutal… Continue

Posted by David Wallace on May 2, 2014 at 8:27pm


I am writing in response to the Apr 2nd Letter to the Editor that was published in the Herald Mail, titled “Of course the tea party is biased against the president” by Rodney Guessford. See . This is just one of the many op-eds, editorials, and Feedback column anti-TEA Party comments that I have had to refute since the campaign season has started to heat up. However, I have only been able to provide rebuttals mostly… Continue

Posted by Lynda Givens Evans on April 4, 2014 at 12:47pm


   Hit and Run Rowland (HR2) has struck again in a column entitled "Republican male politicians, just stop talking about women", attacking the Party of which he falsely claims to belong (in the full sense of the word belong). I call him HR2 because he writes mostly negative inflammatory pieces about Conservative individuals and the Republican Party, then he hides refusing to answer comments or engage in a discussion.  He rarely writes about…


Posted by Lynda Givens Evans on January 28, 2014 at 8:39pm


    I have been asked to say a few words at a gun rally in Annapolis in two days. Unfortunately, I am experiencing flu symptoms and I am not sure that I will be able to make it. I've been thinking about what I want to say because, as I told the person who asked me to speak, I am not an experienced gun owner. I have only one gun that I purchased less than a year ago. As a TEA Party person, my entire argument against the recent attack on the 2nd Amendment is just that...a constitutional issue.…


Posted by Lynda Givens Evans on January 17, 2014 at 11:07pm — 1 Comment




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GOP Mulls ObamaCare Plan B As King Ruling Looms

In just six months, the Supreme Court's King v. Burwell ruling could render ObamaCare unworkable in 36 states that don't operate their own exchanges. The big question that Republicans will be wrestling with until then is what happens next if justices rule that can't legally disburse premium subsidies. As soon-to-be Majority Leader Mitch McConnell put it in a post-election forum, if the decision goes as the GOP hopes,

The implications of Sony's surrender to hackers go far beyond a silly movie

The imbroglio over cancellation of Sony's holiday comedy "The Interview" might seem on one level to be a minor Hollywood flap over what even its writer/co-star calls "a silly movie."

But the corporate chaos and complete cave of the Japanese firm to hackmail, vague threats of terrorism by anonymous hackers against movie theaters scheduled to show the $44 million film starting Christmas Day raises a panoply of very serious concerns from censorship to national security.

Obama administration officials said Wednesday with "99% certainty" that North Korea or its contractors were behind the threats and weeks-long release of sensitive private and proprietary Sony information. This conclusion stems in large part from malware coding, some of it in Korean, similar to ones used in previous cyber-attacks on South Korean banks.

However, administration intelligence officials declined to publicly accuse the hermit kingdom because -- does this sound like an unprepared Obama speaking of the ISIS threat? -- they have no strategy to address such immense threats to security.

The Washington Post quoted James Lewis of the Center for Strategic and International Studies asking, "If we do something to North Korea, what do they do back? They know how bad our (cyber) defenses are."

For his part in an interview with ABC News, Obama did not name North Korea as the hacking perpetrator, just as he chose not to name the Taliban when denouncing this week's deadly terrorist attack on Pakistani schoolchildren.

As usual, the Democrat tried to have it both ways. He warned, "The cyber-attack is very serious." But then moments later Obama lightly added, "For now, my recommendation would be that people go to the movies."

Some high-information voters may recall Republican candidate Mitt Romney was mocked in 2012 for warning both about Russia as a threat to international security and against cyber-security threats, especially from Asia, and calling for tough sanctions against nations like China openly stealing corporate and national defense secrets.

On Tuesday Sony said it would not hold theaters to contracts to show "The Interview," which involves the CIA hiring two goofs -- Seth Rogen and James Franco -- to assassinate North Korea's tiny little leader, Kim Jung Un. On Wednesday, the nation's five largest theater chains -- Regal, AMC, Cineplex, Carmike and Cinemark -- said they would not show the film.

They claimed full support for freedom of expression but were concerned by Sony's wavering support and over the hackers' vague threats that mentioned 9/11 and promised a "bitter fate" to the movie's ticket-buyers. The threats of violence were posted by a group ironically calling itself Guardians of Peace.

The government of North Korea, a Pennsylvania-sized country with............

Federal judge's surprise ruling finds Obama amnesty orders 'unconstitutional'

In a surprise move that could mean new legal trouble for President Obama's executive amnesty plot, a federal judge in Pennsylvania inserted himself into the developing nationwide court fight Tuesday.

Judge Arthur J. Schwab of the Western District issued an unusual judicial memorandum acknowledging that a president has discretionary powers deciding how to enforce laws.

But Judge Schwab said Obama's executive action immigration policies go far beyond that and establish an entire system for granting legal protections to wide groups of individuals, illegal immigrants. The judge said Obama's edicts grant "substantive rights" to illegals.

Judge Schwab's memo has no immediate effect on Obama's controversial executive actions, which are undergoing a number of legal challenges elsewhere, including one by two dozen states and another by Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio. And the non-binding observations by the judge, a George W. Bush appointee in 2001, could be dismissed by higher courts.

But the judge's scathing denunciation of Obama's acts as unconstitutional is an imposing indicator that the lame-duck Democrat may not have as strong a legal standing as he has claimed in his stump speeches. Tuesday's Pennsylvania ruling was largely ignored by U.S. media.

"President Obama's unilateral legislative action violates the separation of powers provided for in the United States Constitution as well as the Take Care Clause," Judge Schwab wrote, "and therefore is unconstitutional."

The judge even used Obama's own words against him, quoting the president's numerous previous remarks about how he does not have the constitutional power to do what he then did anyway. The administration has argued that it is merely carrying out congressional intent by establishing enforcement priorities with limited resources.

The memo came in an unrelated Pittsburgh deportation case involving Elionardo Juarez-Escobar, an illegal immigrant who was deported in 2005, illegally returned to this country and began working for his brother's landscaping company. He was nabbed during a routine traffic stop earlier this year and pled guilty to illegal re-entry.

Judge Schwab wanted to know why Juarez-Escobar was excluded from Obama's amnesty because he has a sibling relationship and not the parent-child relationships covered by Obama's order.

Immigration rights activists, you'll be surprised to learn, immediately denounced the judge's ruling that could help Juarez-Escobar as "ill-advised and poorly-reasoned."

Sheriff Arpaio's legal challenge is set for a court hearing in Washington Christmas week. He is claiming that Obama's policies will encourage illegal immigration and create additional law enforcement problems in his Maricopa County. Obama lawyers have argued, in part, that judges have no right to review such executive actions.

Elected twice, but Obama still sees U.S. mired in racism

News Flash for Feinstein: Americans are good with CIA tactics

Major shift: American majority now supports gun rights over limits

As Obama fades, a new flock of leaders prepares to fight over his succession

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