Our US GOVERNMENT Led BY the Biden-Democratic Party today sees Guided Balloons by China as political opportunity! Well back in World War II, although not as powerful as a EMP device they killed Americans in crude small fire-bomb attacks. There were thousands launched, with 285 actual attack “incidents” w/ 5 Balloons impacting Nebraska alone, ONE OF OUR most Centrally located and insulated US STATES AT THE TIME. The most recent Chinese Reconnaissance Balloon with a guidance system flew from Alaska through and out of most interior United States was many orders of magnitude more sophisticated! It was Like a Magnitude 8 earthquake compared to a barely detectable Mag-2 trembler. Today these balloons could carry EMP DEVICES. The intelligence the Chinese gathered was vitally important especially for a massive nuclear first-strike attack against Our American Homeland. Yet the same Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, General Mark Milley who had secret & constantcommunications with The Chinese during the Trump Administration with no Communications or known Authorization with or from our Civilian Military Authority to Carryout such secret communications was never formally investigated and has yet to receive any kind of formal reprimand for working outside the Chain of Civilian Command. Further this Balloon was allowed to surveil all of our NORAD, most sophisticated and sensitive nuclear MinuteMan Missile Bases and command Centers, as Well as Our B-52 Nuclear Bases, all part of our Nuclear Triad that helps create our Nuclear Deterrence under the Model Called Mutually Assured Destruction, as well as our Most sensitive Infrastructure including Power stations as well as Dams and Bridges and Communication Towers we see as being the backbone of our Command & Control  System in the required Operational Command as it would send Communications across the globe, where our Joint Civilian-Military Command & Control would & does signal our Forces Stationed around the globe via Satellites, to assure central coordination of our forces-Including Strategic & Tactical Air Force, Navy, and Ground and Space Forces. The Breach was in short an enormous Military Breach snd failure at the Highest level. Our Daily Lives and Very way of life are much more threatened now, than at any point in the history of our country, with thecombined strategic nuclear Power of Russia & China now more than ever our SAFETY & Security are gravely threatened. I dare say, even more greatly so than at the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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