The Gathering Nuclear Storm by Mark Helprin in the Wall Street Journal, WSJ, of the Claremont Institute, is prescient, regardless it was written in SEPTEMBER 2016.


Little has changed, except the World is in an even more precarious condition.
We are in a fragile state. Our leadership is weak and indecisive. Our deterrence is weaker than the combined nuclear forces of China, Russia, Iran and North Korea.

What has changed?

Russia is at war. It threatens The United States and  European Allies including our NATO ALLIANCE as upon invasion, prior to weapons deliveries, Putin declared that Ukraine would be followed by Poland, and potentially others, especially the former Eastern European states part of the former Soviet Union East Bloc Iron Curtain. In the 1950's & 1960's the Russians deployed tanks to quell Hungarian(1958) and Czechoslovakia(1967) riots for independence. Putin stated that the breakup of the Soviet Russian Empire was greatest catastrophe in the history of his Motherland, Russia. 

We have a feckless feeble President, who has possibly sold out to our enemies, with potential covert business dealings, especially with Chinese Internal Security Associates.

Worse, there is now a seldom discussed, national security threat devised under Chinese International Leadership called the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. 
Today the Iranians are full member states, as well as the Russian Governments are full members. Others as well, including those in our own hemisphere! 
We have completely abandoned our Obligation to the necessary security of our Western Hemisphere called the Monroe Doctrine. Yet today as the world gets smaller, the threats grow rampant in our Hemisphere as we see China Russia, and Iran becoming partners with the socialist dictatorships that have been created over the last 63 years, since Cuba fell to Fidel Castro. 
Worse, Iran just announced its Navy's voyage into the Panama Canal Region, which we gave away after building it during the Theodore Roosevelt Administration at todays equivalent cost of Billions of Dollars as well countless American Lives lost. The Panamanian Government has just stated it was likely to grant authorization for the Iranian Navy to have full access to through and in the canal. Let's remember since abdicated the Canal, the Chinese control both access points, one in The Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean. 

Please take the time now to see the vulnerabilities we face as you read, The Gathering Nuclear Storm.

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