When we are concerned about the future of America, and we worry about what direction the Democrats will take us, we need look no further than at the Letters of Support to Linda Sarsour. 

And Sour she is.



Sarsour is a antisemite. And antiZionist. She stands for the destruction of Israel as a state.

so enter the Hard Globalist Movement. Who are they?

They are the Leadership of the Democratic Party. 
they surely aren't the rank and File Democrats or Republicans. Yet they are the Leadership of the Democrats who have hijacked the Entire Leadership that represents the majority Democratic Districts. And if you think they undermined the Socialist candidate Bernie Sanders, that's nothing compared to what they do to moderate Democrats in the primary. They can't even get on the podium to air their views. So what do Moderates do? They jump ship and join the Republicans. Whether that is good or bad, that's a subject of a different conversation.

8640702682?profile=RESIZE_584xThose voicing Support for Linda Sarsour a year ago.
It's now most important as the Left has seized power.

we need to recognize that all leftists support her, regardless of their faith traditions. So never be fooled by a persons supposed Religious credentials. That is not the litmus test. As you see Catholics and Jews are on this  list of Supporters. It's those that place their socialist ideology before their faith that pop up on this list.  Lets focus on the large group of Democrats in leadership that show support at an anti Israel Rally. It is concerning.

For without The United States, it's very difficult to see Israel standing a chance. 
Yet now, enter Donald Trump, let's look at the progress made between Israel and its many former Arab adversaries. With the advent of Trump diplomacy, we see the Abraham Accords being accepted and a line of Peaceful communication and cooperation between Israel and its new Friends. Thank God that President Trump has left a living legacy, while he has left office. American leadership is critical to creating a lasting peace in the Middle East. It doesn't take armed Conflict with those who are actually in many respects the bulwark against the Radical islamist Iranian regime. The Iranians today as they did in 2001 create the greatest threat against the United States. The Iranians helped perpetrate that attack, yet have never faced the consequences. 
ans Linda Sarsour has worked wirh the CAIR Foundation a co conspirator in 9/11 based on grand Jury information released to the public archives, and yet we still see the attacks on our society by them. They use lawfare to war against us. They turn our system on us to attack us, yet they are at war with us. We continue to act as through we are not in an asymmetric war. Yet they have declared war on us repeatedly.

My friends, Sunnis and Kurds and Shi'a have explained on a number of occasions, that they want nothing to do with the radicals, in Egypt, in Iraq, and elsewhere. They say they are against their modern Islamic traditions. They lust for power! They strictly use Islam as a coercive front for their rise in power. Although I don't always agree on every aspect, we must keep this in mind as we see the reformation of the Islamic Faith before our very eyes. We see Iran as they do, as the existential threat to civilization and peace. We must push back. To do that we must vet all candidates both Republicans and Democrats to assure that they do not rise into our Representative leadership in local, state, or Federal office. 


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