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Tent cities are now popping up on border cities! 

We must remember— People are policy!

No more true words were spoken than when it comes to immigration policy. Especially as it relates to border security! And as hard as it was to get the border under control by President Trump, President Biden makes the destruction of border Security mere child's play! In the snap of his fingers and stupid, yet intentional words, none the less, President Biden, in his comatose wisdom destroyed all semblance of Border a Protection. 

While we finally achieved a more controlled border situation as the Trump Administration developed its strategy, it wasn't easy. Yet, finally after a period of fits and starts, the illegal crossings at the border, began to take hold. And it was due to work by President Trump with relentless attacks on each snd every policy attempted to implement. Even denying him funding that had been promised by a bipartisan vote of approval by Congress back in 2000's! Yet against all roadblocks and massive haranguing by Leftists both inside and outside of government, President Trump and his team assigned to accomplish a secure border had finally done so.
Yet before Biden came in he promised that the US Sovereign border protection would be disassembled and those crossing would see a welcome mat on the border, including admission of unaccompanied minors. 


The border wall came to the screeching halt. Yet this stands in stark contrast to our Northern Border with Canada, the Keystone-XL pipeline was stopped in its tracks with the stroke of Biden's Pen. While Canadian Oil and Gas create National Security,one hand. The influx of Illegal immigrants across the Mexican Border creates Lost safety and destroys our National Security. Biden's purpose is clear, he is working to undermine our security at all levels, and in the process bring America down to its knees. It can be argued that this is shear conjecture of course, and those on the left will scream that isn't. Yet these actions taken by President Biden scream out that this author is correct. And we don't take glee in it, one little bit. We deplore these contemptible actions. 

The numbers are meteoric.The LA Times says it's going at record not seen in 2 decades. The Epoch Times reports that the number has increased 100% in one Month! Let's remember too, that there is massive evidence that less than 5% who are released ever come back for their scheduled hearings. Worse these are inverted for the most part, in cases of release, the illegals can be in Baltimore or Albany in less than 48 hrs, many times less. This Border crossing crisis is an endangerment to us all, and it's all the creation of President Biden. For those who knowingly and legitimately voted for this president, a scoundrel in the first degree, must be having huge buyers remorse. 

We will see by the end of this quarter at the current rate a years and possibly the last two years or more of illegals' crossing into the US.

What to do? Biden the security titan that he is, along with his yellow and red comrades in his administration have devised an immensely humanitarian plan to deal with Border Crisis! 

They are setting up tent cities across the Southwest, putting countless American citizens at risk! Of disease, not just COVID19, as well as safety as potentially huge numbers of cartel members and even Hezbollah are active along the border region. And those are well pressed T-Shirts that are being displayed on the illegal aliens chests displaying Biden campaign logo!

Lets remember two things. 
Raum Immanuel said, "Never Let a Serious Crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that is that during a crisis you can accomplish more tha you otherwise ever could."  So let's seize this grand opportunity to talk about the difference a president makes when it comes to every American's Security! We need to push back against this intentional destruction of our American Sovereignty. 
Further, if President Biden brags about his ability to get things accomplished in his sleep, let's agree! He can destroy our country and create a massive nightmare for all of us. 

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