Rush Limbaugh Dies.

Rush Hudson Limbaugh, III,
The Greatest Radio Talk Show Host of all Time has passed away at 70 years Old. He was America’s conservative. We mourn his death. We celebrate his life. We celebrate his testimony on The Vision and Brilliance that is America. He was able to convert many people to America’s Conservative Values. His spirit will live on through all of the people who’s Lives he touched. We are all better for the wisdom Rush Limbaugh imparted to us.
May God Rest His Soul!
Born - January 12, 1951 Friday
Died - February 17, 2021 Ash Wednesday
Rush was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom on 2020, February 4th during The State of the Union Address by President Trump. The First Lady, Melania Trump placed the award upon his Neck.
Rush was always a stylish showman, he had his own line of ties that were part of his EIB legacy.
EIB - Excellence in Broadcasting Network was the moniker under which he broadcast.
His first National show was aired in August, 1988. Emanating from New York’s WCBS Radio. It aired from the 12:00 Noon - 3:00pm Time slot. The Rush Limbaugh Show, aired in that time slot continuously until his death today, albeit, with a Guest Host.
Rush announced he had been diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. His battle ended today.
Rush announced on his Last Show before the Holidays that he had been blessed to serve his listeners for these years and felt it was an honor to have such a loyal audience. And that regardless of when it happened he wanted to thank his millions of Listeners who had followed him and who had loved him. He said he loved his career and all of Listeners. He said he was Truly Blessed as an American to do what his heart told him to do.
Rush we will always keep you in our hearts and in our prayers.

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