In our House of Representitives, on Capitol Hill, Democrats, Especially those with Chairmanships of very important committees have very radical views.

The Squad is typically seen as AOC,  Ilhan Omar, Tlaib, Pressley.

Yet they have a deep bench, many in powerful positions.

One such Congresswoman is Betty McCollom(D-MN). She is the Chairman of the powerful House Appropriations Committee overseeing the Military Budget. 
She believes that Israel is an Apartheid State. She said so at a major Conference.

Yet, it isn't.
There are Arabs all across Israel. They freely participate in elections, and further, they participate in the jobs in Israel, so they are engaged in the economic engine of Israel. 
Further, the Jews & Arabs commingle. Working side by side in jobs at small automotive repair shops with a few bays. And in large companies as Internationally distributed Soda Stream. 
Soda Stream has an important story to explain the situation. Originally in the West Bank, known in most circles as Judea-Samaria. It had grown to be a thriving business. It had hired Arabs living in the local area. The Palestinian Authorities (PA)didn't like it their. A business creating hundreds of jobs paying very good wages, The local community depended upon SodaStream.

Yet they were thrown out by the PA.  When they moved  out of PA CONTROLLED Judea-Samaria, they offered to retain their employees. Today working in Southern Israel SodaStream offers bus rides to all of those employees who wish to continue working. This is an extreme example of the manner in which the state of Israel attempts to accommodate the Arabs within Israel. 
In elections, as well there are multiple parties and multiple representatives in Knesset. The various parties have taken part in forming majorities in forming the government under Israel's parliamentary system. 
Yet, with all of this, Betty McCollom clings to the false premise of Israeli Apartheid. 
She has even been active in militant protests and is a proponent of BDS! 
The BDS Movement wishes to: B-Boycott, D-divestment from all businesses that invest in Israel as well as driving investment houses to no longer invest in Israeli businesses; S-Sanction. Impose Sanctions against Israel. This is all predicated on the false premise that Israel is an apartheid, as well as it merely exists. Its existence is not accepted by Hamas who controls The Gasa Strip. Just this weekend incendiary balloons were launched from Gaza which created over 30 fires in Israel. These fires have on occasions created massive urban fires requiring great civilian displacement due to damage that has occurred. 
yet, McCollom is a firebrand for the BDS MOVEMENT.

 Today she heads up the powerful House Appropriations Committee overseeing our military budget.

She expressed a desire this past week to cut our Military Spending warning our Army in charge of long range artillery to cut back on spending as they are seeing a major build up in NATO BORDER COUNTRIES with Russian artillery especially armored tank drones, as well as a build up that approached over 100,000 troops. Further, the Chinese are threatening the vital sea lanes in the Indo-Pacific Region with the creation of man made island fortresses, small trawler boats Navy to disrupt as well as for making amphibious assaults, and of course a Large vessel blue sea navy that is rapidly growing approximating the size of the US Fleet in the region. Further, the current cooperation and coordinated operations by China and Russia in separate regions divided by the size of the Asian continent which just occurred. 
it's essential that we maintain deterrence adequate to prevent regional conflicts by spending adequately on superior technology and fire power at a standoff range to assure survival of our Army and Navy. Yet, holding the purse strings are radicals who see global warming-Climate Change as a greater threat than our adversaries who just unleashed a virus upon the world from a Level 4 Bioresearch Lab, that in fact is sa Bioweapons Lab. 

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Much of the information provided regarding Israel is from my first hand account while visiting Israel over the last few years during my research trips. 
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