Amy Klobuchar & Left-wing Democrats

All have One Thing in Common:

Jim Crow Racism!

A startling revelation has occurred in the case of Officer Derik Chauvan!



Amy Klobuchar passed up the opportunity to prosecute him in a matter prior while serving to protect the citizens of Minnesota!

Lets remember: The Jim Crow Two Faced Democrat racists, duplicitous in the way they mete-out Justice, give a pass to criminally-bent racist and often corrupt Cops. Thus destroying our Protection of the Citizenry across our Urbanized cities Across America!

Lets explore this premise, shall we.

With these injustices the opportunity to prevent future criminal acts that destroy civil liberties, civil rights setting the stage for dehumanizing injustices against George Floyd to the point of Murder, and thus injustice against all mankind to thrive! 
Passing on the Opportunity to criminally prosecute a criminal cop, degrades society more quickly than passing up the average street murderer, as it demoralizes our law enforcement while destroying belief that Police are sworn to uphold and enforce the law, and instead reinforces the belief that they are a good old boy, slap on the back network of KKK racist vigilantes.

Todays outcomes were predictable.

National Riots on the order of those seen in 1968 where a large proportion of our minority blacks and possibly Latinos have lost faith in our law enforcement and in turn our Criminal Justice System. While RE-enforcing the idea we are no better of than when H. Rapp Brown, and Malcolm X protested to achieve. Yet we can not these racists and their socialist Black Leaders, who control our American Major Urbanized Cities off the hook!

They fail the same people they are elected to serve completely overlooking the criminals who run roughshod over the citizens, as they tolerate rampant murders by criminal syndicates that mete out justice in turf wars across our country. Just as Al Capone and Mob Bosses were given passes from decades in the past. Those socialists realize this is a tool to seize control over vast populations and to instigate protests that create so much anger and hatred that these protests lead to rioting mayhem and looting and the burning down of the same inner city communities where the poorest minorities are forced to live, based on a limited number of job opportunities created by their very same socialist crony corruption and liberty killing policies create!

Its time we fight to return the true spirit and meaning of The philosophy over our beloved cities, so all Americans regardless of income, race, creed, Religion or color of their skin can enjoy our Greatest treasures!:

Life and Liberty and man's essence, his God Given Right to pursue his Or her Glorious Happiness no matter where he or she chooses!

The essence of our American Dream created by our founding fathers!

and a warning,

if not now, when?

And if we don't arrest the senseless looting and mayhem where will it end, where will it lead. 
Then lastly — what will become, of our Golden and Glorious America we Call Home and that we love so dearly!
Yet..We shall over come!

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