Restore America's Mission

That government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish!

Endless violence. It becomes part of your psyché. But you never get used to it. You despise the pain and suffering. The endless terrorist attacks by the radical Islamic terrorists.

We must never think that this is just a because they hate Jews.
Yes, to Salifists, the Jew is the greatest trophy. But, the big prize is the great Satan of the West. We, the United States of America, and the powe we project in the name of Western values is the most hated on earth. So let us never be complacent. We must for all of our sakes, be ever vigilant. We must fight this foe. For it is a menace to all Western values. Each day they continue to fight, they gain strength, as those who sympathize determine that they will join their radical ancient fight to impose sharia.
And that means you will be ruled over, and pay a tax, and homage, abide by the rules of Islam under the strict interpretation of the Koran, or become a Muslim, and ultimately if you refuse, you shall perish at the sword. And if you are in their way, you will be crucified, or buried alive, or worse.

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