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Dave and I are the only ones posting and chatting. Are we all together as a team? Are we coming together or are we just spread out and joining things for the hell of it?

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To be fair we have just been joined by some great new members that I am sure are very interested in the impending votes in Congress on both, Cap & Trade & Health Reform. Also to my New California friends, I want to ask if you could comment from your perspective on the new agreement that will reduce the deficit in your state, that includes the opening of the OCS to oil drilling & new exploration. If this true as I have read the report, I guess Deficits are the new mother of Invention,Revenue invention that is!

I want to make sure I extend my remarks that we also have some excellent members that have been members for quite awhile. I am a witness to this as many are very concerned to the extent that they post me directly. So, I want to thank all of the members for being very good and loyal American Patriots!
Jeff, I share your frustration. People are overwhelmed with their daily lives, people are shy, people are uncertain how to proceed or what is expected of them. What would you like everyone here to do next? I just listened to a podcast on this very topic about how to motivate conservative groups to become involved and active [you might want to have a listen too:]. Let's figure out what we want to do next. For example, are Dave's radio shows available by podcast? Can we start an online radio program here? Do we know what skills, talents, specialties each of the members here have so that we can capitalize on them?
I want to start Blog Radio show of Restore Americas Mission on the Internet. We need some money.




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